Ebonee Davis, a star is born.

Ebonee Davis is a new model from Seattle, the United States of America. 3 years ago I was mesmerized when I saw her for the first time. She caused me such a great impression that I have included her in a novel I have written (but not published). Ebonee Davis has worked for Calvin Klein and now has been selected as one of the 3 new rookies of magazine Sports Illustrated. Keep reading. 


Just 3 years ago I conceived a novel, it was the story of a young girl from Manhattan. Her name is Natalie Davis. Indeed, the title of my book is El Verano de Natalie Davis (The summer of Natalie Davis). Natalie Davis is a young girl from Manhattan, who dreams of being a supermodel.  Hence a fashion star as the readers of this blog may be.

However, Natalie has a big problem because her dad, a renowned, lawyer does not want her to try modeling. As a result, a great clash between them starts. At the same time, the grandfather of Natalie dies, he lives in a rural part of Spain.

In order to convince her dad and give her mum a nice present, the mother of Natalie Davis sends Natalie to Spain. Natalie spends a summer in Tarazona (my real hometown). What seems a quiet and beautiful summer hides in real terms an incredible adventure that will change the life of Natalie for once an all.


The name of Ebonee Davis is mentioned in the book. My novel has not been published, yet I do want to write a version in English. Readers of this blog may like it because there are multiple references to fashion and modeling.

I thought it could be interesting to make a supermodel from Manhattan to be in my hometown as it is a rural area. At first, Natalie proves she is keen on fashion. Nonetheless, soon thereafter she suffered from several issues that change her life forever.

Natalie Davis is a character, Ebonee Davis is not. I included her on my list with the best 30 supermodels in the world. In fact, I selected her as the 9th best model in the world. Best 30 supermodels working in the fashion industry today. Ebonee Davis is 1.78 metres-5/9 feet. Her measurements are 86-61-90 cms (32-24-33 inches).

Her campaigns are impressive. What is more, she is not only a pretty face with incredible measurements.  Ebonee Davis entered University and she owns a great deal of knowledge with regards to psychology. Furthermore, she is an activist and she gives speeches to help others. In addition, she had a rough upbringing.

To say the truth, I have learned a lot reading her thoughts and lessons. She posts about her wisdom on social media very often. Likewise, there are videos and interviews where she proves her beauty and knowledge. Many supermodels only post good pictures of their bodies with nice looks. Ebonee Davis dazzles everybody as she is able to give you a life lesson looking radiant.

Ebonee Davis, supermodel, beauty, activist, a teacher… (and she also appears in the new book of Halcombe). Do share and comment.