Ernest Hemingway-Pamplona and the province of Soria (Humble holidays)

It is just two years since I started writing articles for Escarcha Models. Am I going to write something special? Of course not… but I visited recently the statue of American writer Ernest Hemingway in Pamplona. Thanks to him the run of the bulls in Pamplona (Northern Spain) is a major television event nowadays. Furthermore, I visited the province of Soria. Keep reading dear reader!!! 

I fully talked about my holidays in Paris, France, last July. Something you can discover reading older posts. (Try this one for instance: A wonderful sunny day at Chateau de Versailles-Palace of Versailles. )

In this post, we are going to forget political issues but also glamorous holidays. Discover my recent visit to Pamplona, the province of Soria and the statue of American writer Ernest Hemingway.


Ernest Hemingway is one of the best writers ever. He is very important to a lot of people albeit there are a lot of people too, who do not deem his books great because of his literary style.

The funny thing is something no so much people know. One of his first books is “The sun also rises”. He was a prolific traveler and he loved Spain. Or in other words, he fell in love with the act of bullfighting.

Hemingway firstly was in France and then he visited the north of Spain, as a consequence of these first trips abroad, he wrote this book: (The sun also rises).

What is more,  one of the best things Hemingway enjoyed was fishing in Navarre and the run of the bulls in the capital of Navarre, Pamplona. The funny aspect is that every city almost has run of the bulls in Spain too.

However, the only one that has so much attention is the one that takes place in Pamplona. As a matter of fact, foreigners tend to think this only happens in Pamplona. Indeed, Pamplona festivities are amongst the most famous in the world with millions of tourists pouring in every summer.

All of this is because of Ernest Hemingways and his first writings. As a result, Pamplona has situated a statue paying homage to Ernest Hemingway, it could not be another way because thanks to him, festivities of Pamplona are famous and the run of the bulls is a major event with full television coverage without going any further.

Pamplona is the capital of the province of Navarre, province that is near to my village, Tarazona. Another closed province is Soria. This is the second trip I did recently.


Soria is a rural province. It is bigger than the province of Madrid. Nonetheless, scarcely more than 90 thousand people live therein. By contrast, in the city of Madrid alone, there are nearly 4 million people inhabitants.

This is an overly rural province and I already live in a very rural part of Spain. My dad comes from the province of Soria and we visited his village, a village that only has a dozen people and is so small is even difficult to describe it as only with a couple of steps you start and end your trip. Yet, it is very beautiful and you feel in heaven because of the peaceful air you breathe. This village is called Conquezuela.

There were houses to sell, something I even consider. Given the lack of distractions, I could write 5 articles for Escarcha Models every day. There are some visitors during summer as you can guess. The truth is this part of Spain has plenty of countryside but a great scarce of inhabitants, inversions, and real opportunities.

This is the last post of August I believe. Hope you have had some wonderful holidays. Comment and share this post.