What am I going to do now????

My recent articles from the latest months have been very personal. You should know therefore what I have been living. This article likewise will talk about Halcombe. In fact, what am I going to do now??? Keep reading.


“What am I going to do now” is a very good question. Losing my job has left me wondering. It is not easy to find good jobs in the rural part of Spain I am living in. I am still studying a University degree that I am doing it from home. I have taken some examinations. Also, I am looking for a job. The other week, for instance, an enterprise from Barcelona was interested in hiring me. Living and working in Barcelona must be incredible. However, after I answered their proposal I have not heard from them again.

I was thinking the other day that perhaps studying a public examination must be a good idea. Working for the public sector may be positive insofar as you obtain a great job. These kind of examinations are not easy, yet if you can pass them you get a public post forever.


Once my examinations end I want to go on vacation. June is a good month, two years ago I was in Italy (Discover my trip to Rome, Italy Visiting Rome and Italy for the first time ) in June and it was very positive. This year, I would love to discover Venice, one of the most famous cities in the world that similarly is in Italy.


I keep writing as I really want to publish the second part of my last novel. What I have written thus far is positive in my opinion. Yet, I need more time and more effort.


I recorded a punk concert some years ago. I was a teenager and this punk band was formed by friends of mine. Not only I record a punk performance but also I did interviews and it is a kind of documentary. It was so many years ago that I recorded everything with an old fashioned camera. Now, I have given my tape to some experts and I am going to have this document in a modern format. I want to write about it and publish it on Youtube for instance.


We have had busy months regarding politics in Spain. We voted in April to choose our president and we voted in May to choose local, regional leaders and also European ones. Perhaps my new novel has a political twist. It is something I am planning.


I have a new friend. She is from Cuba. She had never been to Zaragoza hence I showed her this city the other day. It is really interesting to meet foreign people let alone if she is from Cuba as what she has lived is very different from what I have lived.

I do not know what I am going to do now yet readers of Escarcha models will be the first to know.

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