So unexpected, so sad…

This is one of my saddest articles ever for Escarcha Models. So unexpected, so sad… Keep reading!!


Indeed, I am very sad. By contrast, my last article was filled with joy as I had met my muse and my best friend with whom I was working. I was working from 9 to 5:30 in a village, Ágreda, close to mine, Tarazona. I drove my Opel Car to there every morning. At ten o´clock we had a coffee. We did have another one at 4 o´clock and at 1:30 we had half an hour to have lunch.

I was very happy. I studied International commerce years ago and one teacher explained to us the kind of job we were going to do. This kind of job was exactly the one I did have, but not anymore.

I was part of a small group of workers. We were 7 people and I was always with my beloved friend. Everything was fine. It is better to be at home resting as the reader might know, but this was a good job. I had to use the email and a computer programme a lot. Similarly, I did have to look for products on the Internet. Subsequently, such products are sold by another department. This was a typical office job but I was very happy.

My contract said I was going to work for two months at least and the duration of it was 6 months overall. Then, I could work for another 6 months. Given the rural part of Spain I am living in this was a very good opportunity for me. I thought I was doing a great job. However, the other day a person told me I could not work there anymore. It was very sad. They told me they were going to buy my last book at least, something that sounded silly to say the truth.

The person in charge of telling me the bad news was not happy doing it. She told me I did not pass the tasks hence my job was over. I could not believe it. Not only I have not worked for 6 months but I thought I was doing a good job likewise. It turns out even though my contract was for 6 months you can get the sack if they want during the first two months. This is what happened. I could not sleep the following day. The person in charge of giving me the sad news told me the job was not for me that I was a “free spirit” and I was going to suffer a lot when the stress kicks off. I answered them I was very happy working there. So sad, so unexpected.

I am unemployed again. It was not easy to find this job. I did several interviews and I am back now to the unemployment market. I do not know what I am going to do now. There is some consolation though, I can write articles for Escarcha Models.

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