Working in a bank. A new experience

My last article was rather sad. However, this article explains a new experience Halcombe has had: Working in a bank! Keep reading!


To be honest, I did not expect this huge bank, BBVA, was going to sign me. I explained here I did an online course to learn how to work in a bank. This was months ago, as a result, I did not think I was going to be hired.

After doing this online course we went to a face to face course that lasted a small amount of time. In this course, we learned how to act if a robbery takes place. They told us it was not clear whether if we were going to be hired or not. Because of some months had passed I thought this bank issue was not possible.

Nonetheless, at the end of May, I received a phone call to work for this bank in a small village.  The name of this village is Cintruénigo, in the region of Navarre. I was going to work 5 days from 10 am until 14 hours. One person was on holidays. In consequence, I had to replace him.

I did not feel comfortable because I had never worked in a bank. I drove to this village to find out where the bank was. Cintruénigo was a little bit ugly in my opinion, but perhaps I felt it because I was nervous. My contract was only for one week. The bad side of this job was that I was going to lose my examinations. I had been studying for my examinations for one month and I have lost them because of this job. Yet, you cannot say no to this kind of opportunities.

I worked with the director of this office. The director was a great person, he helped me a lot and made me feel comfortable. The job was not so difficult. I was in charge of giving cash to customers. When something was difficult for me the director appeared to help me. A lot of immigrants appeared to pay the rent. Similarly, a lot of old people wanted to get money or to put money into their accounts.

In my opinion, banks are not going to be so relevant in the near future. There are machines that help customers a lot. Likewise, we can operate on mobile phones nowadays. Indeed, some of the days I was quiet waiting for something to happen.

All in all, it has been a really good experience. I have learned a lot with regards to banking. I do not know if I am going to work for them again. More people are going to be on vacation too, but nobody knows what can happen. Yet, I can say now that I have this kind of experience. The week passed smoothly, and I was very happy with all the operations I had to do. I even liked the people who came to the bank every day.

Working in a bank has been a wonderful experience!!!