Books I am reading and a screenplay I am writing.

I saw the other day an advertisement that could change my life. As a result, I am writing a screenplay now. Do you want to know more?? Keep reading.


I saw it on Linkedin. A movie producer wanted to receive screenplays so that make a movie. In concordance, he asked people to send screenplays to fulfill his demand. I got excited because the novel I published last year was written bearing a possible movie adaptation in mind. Indeed, there are multiple references to movies I like and all the plot and characters fit perfectly in a movie.

I sent them an email attaching my novel in word format. What is more, I even asked them if they wanted me to send them a copy of my book. However, they answered me soon saying that I had sent them a novel and what they needed is a screenplay. Hence, I started to write a screenplay. I tried to adapt my novel into a screenplay. I found a guide on the Internet which said how to do it properly. After reading it I  started writing a screenplay.

But it is not so easy because I am not a movie expert. In consequence, I told them they could read my book in order to write a movie adaptation. Yet, they told me they could not so my dream of seeing my novel converted in a movie will have to wait.


I have read two good books recently. One of them is “Los perros duros no bailan” (Tough dogs do not dance). The author is Arturo Pérez Reverte. This writer is a prominent author who is very famous. Some of his books are movies now and he writes articles for a popular magazine. I have enjoyed it a lot. The plot follows the trip of a tough dog who starts a dangerous journey in order to find two friends who have disappeared. The book pays homage to dogs and their souls and also to the story of Spartacus.

The second book is: “The power of now. A guide to spiritual enlightenment”. I recommend everybody to read it. In fact, you can read this book a lot of times, they even say you should do it. The lesson of this book is huge. We must forget about the past and the future and focus only on the present. The problem is our world is mad, hence is difficult to do it because changing the world is almost impossible.

Nonetheless, every person can change his/her life embracing the lessons this book provides. One trick, for instance, is to only think of the past changing our perspective. Likewise, we should eliminate forever the sound our minds do as is dangerous. We should focus instead on our bodies, feeling our bodies make us be present and aware of everything. This book has taught me a lot and is a good experience.

Hope you are having a great summer and you have found this article interesting.