Sleep. Ways to have a proper rest

Even though it can sound strange, our human body and mind tolerate better the lack of food than the lack of sleep. In fact, while our body can stay three days with no sustenance, the same amount of time without sleeping would create us staid problems. Only 3% of population  have a special gene that allow them do not need to sleep more than 6 hours, the rest of us must sleep seven hours at least being 8 hours the amount of time recommended, otherwise, your body and mind are not to work so brilliant. Check out these tricks.

  1. Going to sleep at the same hour everyday
  2. Do not undertake anything close to your bed or even into your bedroom as your brain will link that part of the house to such activity, you must teach your brain the bedroom is only to sleep.
  3. Do not enter into your bedroom until the time you go to sleep keeping the door closed if you are in the house.
  4. Never use an electronic device in your bedroom, not even watch Television. If you do so, try to turn it off two hours prior to sleep.
  5. Have a light dinner, trying to finish two hours before going to sleep so that make your body able to distribute the food peacefully.
  6. A relaxing infusion or a glass of milk will help you to be at ease at night, if the milk it is not from an animal it will be better for your body as adult humans do not really need this substance at all. Alcohol will make you to fall asleep rapidly but it always reduce the amount of time you spend sleeping, consequently, is not very recommendable.
  7. If you cannot sleep do not oblige yourself to stay at the chamber as you are teaching your brain behavior patterns. Instead, go to other room and read a book, watch television (outside bedroom) or do something like that.
  8. Avoid naps or have only a slightly one do help you, what is more, do exercise is pretty salutary as your body will be tired and you could fall asleep easily.
  9. To meditate is really important, it is helpful to talk to your mind in order to explain it that you do need to sleep otherwise all the problems you are to face the following day would be two times bigger therefore if you do not sleep the concerns you are having at night would be even worse without resting.
  10. Something that always help is to write down in a piece of paper all the tasks, activities and things you are to do the following day, later on, you keep the note in a safe place outside the bedroom and make yourself aware that with that information you are to be safe because it will tell you all the things you must do the following day, you can go to sleep knowing that the paper will be the key for a successful day that will be read safely at the time of breakfast.
  11. Classic tricks are classic because will always be into use, think about something good you have lived or about something you are yearning for does help, if you are unlucky and unfortunate counting lambs have always been useful.
  12. If the aforementioned failed, there is something that may work, make yourself follower of all the stories Halcombe is to publish on the website of Escarcha Models (you are to have a pretty good sleep).