College & Highlighters

Hi guys,

My name is Lauren, I’m sixteen years old and live in The Netherlands. I will be writing for Escarcha about fashion, lifestyle, my own life and everything that goes with it. I’ve always wanted to write a blog but I never knew what to write about. Now I do and I’m really excited about it.

I’m in college at the moment. Now, school systems are different in Holland so a lot of people are confused when I tell them that I graduated already, since I’m 16. I’m curently going to school to become an editorial assistant.

The reasons I wrote highlighters in the title is because that really is my signature thing. I’ve been wearing highlighter since I can remember and people always compliment me for it. I don’t leave the house without some shine on my cheek, so a huge s/o to all the highlighters in this world!

I’ll hopefully see you in my next post ­čÖé

All the love,