Shopping fancy clothes in Canada

On a free Sunday morning I was able to enjoy I decided to take a walk and see more parts of central Toronto on my own. All of a sudden, I was in front of a quaint building which it has secretly hidden an incredible stylish shop, Black Market Clothing, my shopping journey was about to start 

I had been seeing several stores all around the city, yet they looked similar and nothing surprising to me as globalization makes the world smaller. What is more, there were plenty of people as it was Black Friday weekend therefore hordes of consumers were ready to purchase latest outfits from the most renowned brands. This was one of the reasons I felt relieved shopping on this Black Market Clothing secret spot.

The music was cool, none of the top hits which are everywhere. The ambience was distinguished and even though it is dark on this black market clothing shop I really enjoyed all the clothes because the designs were utterly original. People were very young as well and there are plenty of different types of clothes.

Shopping on Black Market Clothing is a very good idea if you want to try something new; it reminds you of the Camden area shops in London but with a Canadian touch. There are jeans from top brands such as Levis or Lee, as I am from Spain I found these pieces of clothing very cheap as a result, something that can be too expensive in Europe because these jeans are originated from North America.

One of the best things you can see shopping on this Black Market Clothing is a wide variety of funny t-shirts containing very imaginative designs. Indeed, I bought one in which Homer Simpson and his eternal pal Barney Gumble are depicting hitmen John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson on Pulp Fiction popular poster, yet the two yellow characters are carrying glasses of beer instead of two bloody guns which main characters of the famous movie of Quentin Tarantino hold.

Likewise, I bought a pair of 501 Levis jeans and a military jacket with a Canadian flag on (You can see my shopping clothing on the picture above taken from Alexandra Park, Toronto near Chinatown (Alexandra was the wife of British King Edward VII by the way)). This outfit scarcely costed me more than 30 Canadian dollars. Try buying something exciting with that budget in a good shop…

Shopping on Black Market Clothing Toronto is a great idea to have fun and inspired clothes without spending too much. It was a little bit of fresh air to my mood similarly as the following laboring day was going to be a hard one.

Yet, what was I doing in Toronto anyway? You will discover it next week… Stay tuned!! (Black Market Clothing is situated on 256a Queen W. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. If you want to see my funny t-shirt in detail, Follow this link)