Picture used as an advertisement

Whether you believe it or not the casual picture you see of Halcombe with a glass of beer has been selected to appear on an international travel online company. It is to be featured as an advertisement to promote its products. The funny thing 

is the picture of my face was taken with no great ambition nor big intentions at all. I was with a friend and he took the picture laughing when I was drinking the beer you see. I do not even love that beverage too much. Maybe I was not able to finish it.

Sometimes when you less expect something is just when a proffer opportunity occurs. I uploaded the picture in social media with no particular purpose but it was enjoyed by many people regardless. I had published a new post on one of my blogs. Afterwards, a travel company sent me a message asking if they could use the picture as it was interesting for them.

Without going any further is good to remember the following. Abound real stories of young girls who were shopping or just in a bus stop in her teens.  Now they are distinguished supermodels and even fashion legends. In other fields this has taken place similarly. Many people were only the mere companion of a person who went to a casting. However, the chosen was the person who did not prepare a thing. The best we can do is being ourselves diary being both passionate and humble about what we are doing.

Even though I am not to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine this kind of things makes you to feel good. It is the power of social media and the Internet which has changed the face of the world in such a deep way our society will never be the same. It is assured that the pictures, comments or posts that you provide which are widely appreciated in a positive manner have a strong connection with some parts of our brain hence it brings us happiness.

This new Internet era encourages people to be more creative although it also makes ordinary citizens to feel and act like professionals. This can represent a mistake though. However, being alive in this digital era also represents opportunities for unknown people who are unexpectedly hired and make a name of their own. The picture of Halcombe you see on this first post of October has not been featured as yet, but I really wanted to share it making Escarcha Models online readers the first to know.

Likewise, I would be pleased if you offer some feedback. Given you are reading a blog of an international model agency you are probably interested in looks for instance. What do you think of the picture? Does it really deserve to be selected by an international company with millions of followers or it is just a superficial anecdote? Should I send an application to try modelling or just keep writing? Give your opinion, share this post and thanks in advance.