Banned fashion commercials from top brands

Being a model represents plenty of excitement. Travelling, meet top individuals from different spheres of influence but might be a ban on your work. Discover top fashion campaigns which were banned. 

To say the truth, the world of fashion, marketing or advertisement has made us got used to provocative images. They seem normal in our society something that would frighten our ancestors. Both male and female models have now an incredible and really well paid job. Not only may we see them in fashion venues they also appear on movies, on television and are icons. Image is essential and ordinary people are concerned to it too.

Yet, sometimes brands push campaigns to the limits and some fashion campaigns are banned. I am going to recall some true examples that you can discover reading this post.

Heidi Klum for Guitar Hero

German model Heidi Klum who is also an actress, television host and businesswoman is the first of our list. Heidi Klum suffered a banned on a Guitar Hero commercial which was going to appear during halftime of Super Bowl. It is clever as it recreates one famous scene from movie Risky Business, the film that made Tom Cruise famous. Heidi Klum had to change her part on the commercial wearing a white t-shirt instead. The original one has disappeared because Heidi Klum danced in a far too provocative way.

Eva Mendes for Calvin Klein

The American actress Eva Mendes saw her Calvin Klein perfume commercial Secret Obsession banned. The final cut of her work was deemed too excessive. She was talking deeply in a black and white commercial with lingerie clothes. She is still disappointed. Eva Mendes has not forgotten it and blames false moral values. Authorities believed otherwise. In fact, they did not allow television to show this Eva Mendes campaign for Calvin Klein.

Candice Swanepoel for Brian Atwood

One of the most important models of our time is Candice Swanepoel. However, she saw her campaign for deluxe shoes brand Brian Atwood banned. She was going to appear in three pictures that were going to stand in the shop of Brian Atwood in Manhattan. It never took place. The images were too suggestive. Similarly, a fashion commercial she recorded in video for Brian Atwood was banned as well. Candice Swanepoel was not angry at the decision; she understands people are insecure with their bodies, she claims.

Abide by the unique way supermodels render their work is not strange what I have mentioned happens. They are exceptional creatures in a world that needs fashion campaigns in order to dream and escape from reality. This is why fashion campaigns impact in us. Life can be repetitive and one could be stuck in a rut easily. The art of fashion allow us to reach another dimension. Regrettably, experts may believe a fashion campaign is not suitable, something that occurs continuously.

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