All about my photoshoot bookings.

Hi everyone!

Last week I had two make-over photoshoot bookings. Both girls I already knew because one I was in school with during Primary school and the other one is the daughter of some of my parents friends. Anyway I had them both on the same day and in between I also had to visit my horse. This meant I really had to plan everything correctly. Luckily it all went great and I did not had to rush. They were both really happy with the outcome of the pictures. So was I!

Sam wanted a more dramatic eye look and nude lips whilst Danique wanted a very basic nude look with some glitters on the eyes.

When I get a booking I first discuss with the person what their wishes are. I ask them to send me some pictures of make-up looks they like. This really helps me get an idea of what they want. Then we set a date en plan where we are going to shoot the pictures.

It always takes about 1.5 hours to do the hair and make-up and 1.5 hours to shoot. In total 3 hours for one booking.

After the booking I pack all my stuff and head home or to another booking. But as soon as I get home I try to edit the pictures. First I make a selection of the fifty best photos and then I upload them in Lightroom. Here I edit them and if a really want to give a picture something extra. I open it to Photoshop and do some last editing there. When I am done selecting and editing all the pictures, which normally takes about 3 hours, I upload them to Google Drive. On Google Drive you can upload and categorise all the pictures. Once they are uploaded I sent a link of the photos to the person of the booking. Most of the time I also upload about 5 photos to Facebook. This is a great way to do some marketing and get more bookings.

Here are some of the pictures I am most happy with from the bookings of last week:

10IMG_0853 9IMG_0825 8IMG_0746 7IMG_0740 6IMG_0711 5IMG_0641

2IMG_0140 3IMG_0159 4IMG_0361 5IMG_0404 6IMG_0406 7IMG_0445

I really like the way they both turned out! The pictures of Danique ( first 6 ) are more soft and pink. While the pictures from Sam ( lower 6 ) are more harsh and cold. Both styles I love. I also always make some pictures B&W because some pictures are in colour just not as nice and vibrant.

See you next week!

X Amber