Writing my first book

After having published two posts about travel experiences, other post on how to have a good sleep, a surprising one with regards to supermodels and the last I penned about the best fashion show on earth it was high time I wrote about myself and one of the most exciting days of this 2016 as I have published my first book called 

Ser un Tusitala, it is written in Spanish though, yet I am to publish another book in English (hopefully) if everything goes smoothly achat pilule viagra. Four years ago I started writing blogs, so exciting was it (even my dog is excited with my projects, with my first book especially, as the funny picture proves) that I have developed different sites both in English and Spanish.

I have been writing articles for a cinema online publication, some Spanish newspapers have featured articles of my own but the thing that makes me proud the most is to be publishing for an international Model Agency like Escarcha Models. In fact, I am on cloud nine as I deeply admire all the professionals who work in the world of fashion in the sense they inspire people to be better and supermodels reach perfection with their impressive outfits, looks, fashion campaigns, faces or bodies. I am writing a weekly post hoping readers can find my pieces of writing interesting.

My first book Ser un Tusitala contains different stories and articles I have been writing last four years. Some are fictional tales, the rest are articles in a wide array of themes such as fashion (of course), football, history, music, movies, lifestyle or personal experiences. My main target was to improve the lives of those who dared to purchase it insofar as live properly is of the utmost relevance for Halcombe.

Henceforth, I am to publish new posts about some personal experiences I have had that are unknown and are related to the gripping world of fashion. By the way, Tusitala is a Samoan title given to British writer Robert Louis Stevenson, author of famous books like Treasure Island or Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde who died in the island of Samoa, inhabitants of this exotic part of the world were so impressive by his personality they gave him this title because he was to be immortal because his books were going to be read forever making Robert Louis Stevenson alive. The English for Ser un Tusitala could be Being a Tusitala. What is more, Samoan title Tusitala could be translated as “narrator of stories”.

Book Ser un Tusitala is distributed by Penguin Random House, it was published in Barcelona and is available all over the world. You can find book Ser un Tusitala on Amazon, Google Books, Google Play, Barnes and Noble or Indigo Books for instance  Ser un Tusitala