The world (Inés Arrimadas and Donald Trump) according to Halcombe

This blog is supposed to be about subjects such as food, fitness, supermodels, personal experiences… the world of fashion to say the truth. However, everybody knows creativity is very special. So special that today we are starting to talk about the world, and how the world is according to Halcombe. Keep reading. 

Fashion is an art, and everything related to it is art. Indeed, Halcombe has been writing articles for a long time here and we have talked about plenty of subjects. Yet, if we compare them to the reality plenty of people face, is nothing. Therefore, Halcombe is to give you his opinion regarding how the world is according to him. To start with, Catalonia and the United States.


Catalonia is a very special region. It is divided in four provinces.

  1. Girona

Girona for instance, is the province where painter Salvador Dalí was born. In the north of Girona, you can find some beautiful mountains.

2. Lleida

Another province is Lleida, you can enjoy a beautiful countryside. It is a rural province.

3. Tarragona 

Tarragona has plenty of sunny beaches. This is a very popular province for the inhabitants of my region, Aragon. Due to the proximity, a lot of people go to Tarragona to have a good time at the beach.

4. Barcelona 

Barcelona is the best city in Spain. What is more, is an international place not only for businesses but also for tourism, sport or culture.

This brief description is only an introduction to a deeper thing. This is the independence of Catalonia. A historical region that wants to be apart from the rest of Spain. Nobody (not even Catalans) should allow this. Who can stop the independence of Catalonia? The answer is, the female politician Inés Arrimadas.


Inés Arrimadas was born in the south of Spain, as millions of Spanish workers who came to Catalonia in order to get a job. By contrast, politicians born in Catalonia are people who are very proud of their heritage, yet they forget the reality and pluralism of Spain and Europe.

This is why a woman like Inés Arrimadas should be the president of Catalonia, hence stopping the problems Spain is having. There was an election last December, she was the winner but she does not have enough votes notwithstanding.

There has never been a woman ruling Catalonia and apart from being a pride for women, she can also be an example for humble girls from rural areas of Catalonia who have not seen the world. This is the key issue, if women from rural parts of Catalonia can understand that a strong woman with culture and born in the south of Spain can be the president of Catalonia, not only Spain and Europe will be better. The world thereby!!!!


Donald Trump never loses. In fact, he is the president of United States with no prior experience or knowledge. However, once he has obtained what he was searching for he has to face the truth. The United States is losing a lot because in the international sphere Donald Trump is doing nothing, yet preparing himself for reelection.

Donald Trump is already in history books. Yet, if he wants to really be remembered, he has to do something nobody has ever achieved. His beloved Reagan was not able, his hatred Obama was not able nor Bush or Clinton. This is to visit North Korea and to meet the North Korean president. The world will be a safer place because if we face a nuclear war: WE ARE ALL DEAD!!!!!