The world III (the United States of America) according to Halcombe

Welcome to the third part of my series: “The World according to Halcombe“. Today, it is the turn of the United States of America. What it is the best for this country?? What does the future hold for Americans?? (Read a deep Spanish version of this article America  )


Firstly, we talked about Catalonia and the female politician Inés Arrimadas. Subsequently, it was the time to talk about Britain, Ireland and the European Union.  Today we are going to analyze the United States of America.


I have deeply talked before about Mr. Donald Trump here in positive terms. Nonetheless, the toughest man in the world should not rule America for eight years. He could not resign as many claim, he would be therefore at the same level than Nixon and this is not fair for both Nixon and Trump.

Likewise, he should not be impeached either, Republican Party would have used him thereby. Yet, the world will be better if Donald Trump loses next election. Even Mr. Trump himself and his wife Melania could be happier if they leave Washington in 2020.

However, who could beat him since the electoral system is an old-fashioned one that represents the America of XVIII century?

What is more, this electoral system helps Republicans as there are far too much rural states that have similar importance than the big ones, what is more, the total outcome of votes does not matter.

There are 3 names that could make Donald Trump more than nervous and defeat him. In my opinion, Donald Trump should be president of the United States for only 4 years.


Joe Biden tried to become the youngest US president ever back in the 1980s. Instead, what he became is, according to many experts, the best US vice-president America has ever had. He was the most important man of Barack Obama during his presidency.

Moreover, he was going to be the Democrat candidate. However, his own party stopped him as they wanted a woman, Hilary Clinton, as the candidate. He is a very smart politician and would be a tough opponent for Donald Trump.


He surprised everybody, even his own party that prevented him from becoming the Democrat candidate. He is one of the best candidates America has had in decades. However, his own party does not fully support him because, in reality, he wants to help humble people. Conservative media will have troubles to find faults and attack him, yet perhaps they claim he is a communist. Anyway, Bernie Sanders is a very good politician.


Elizabeth Warren is one of the best politicians in America. She does represent women, something Hillary Clinton cannot prove. Clinton was the first lady and has been in the public eye alongside his husband for decades. On the other hand, Elizabeth Warren comes from a very humble family and she can really represent women. In fact, she has modeled an incredible political career.

Any of these 3 brilliant politicians would make Trump more than nervous, any of them could beat him.  However, this does not mean they can earn the White House because of the peculiar American political system.

Mr. Trump should not win next elections. He is already in history books and has met the supreme leader of North Korea. He is not a politician, therefore, it is better to leave the most important job in the world in the hands of someone who is.  The world desperately needs a positive change as the impact of Mr. Trump can be even worse. Read a long Spanish version of this post Ser un Tusitala