Working and living in Canada for the second time

(Read my previous story “The decision. The Choice of Halcombe”). In the end, I decided to travel to Canada and this is a brief account of what I am living in this North American country. 

I took a coach from my village, Tarazona, to Zaragoza, from whence I traveled to the airport of Madrid by train. In the airport, I had to wait and traveled to Paris to make a flight connection. There was not too much time to make the change swiftly. As a result, I was sweating once I reached the queue to travel to Montreal, Canada.


The flight to Quebec was comfortable, a couple of naps and two diners made the trip. Similarly, the start of the movie La La Land and some funny chapters of Family Guy allowed me to be in good mood. However, the security checks to be in Canada were overly excessive. I had to explain my job as interpreter/translator for a Spanish company that works for Zara and subsequently, a taxi left me in my hotel. It was a cold night in Montreal compared to the days we had in Spain.

Some hours later I was working at Fairview Pointe Claire, Montreal. A Zara store was opened the other day. We had one day off and I saw a beautiful lake, lac Lakeshore. I took some pictures and I enjoyed a beautiful landscape. Being surrounded by French speaking people made me improve my French skills.

Notwithstanding the situation, we left Montreal to be in Toronto very soon. I am now in Yorkdale Center. I am writing this article from a beautiful hotel resting by a swimming pool. What is more, there is a gym to work out and we can spend the day in central Toronto or be in this Yorkdale Center shopping. (By the way, the picture you see on this post is from Montreal airport, prior to flight to Toronto.)


This Yorkdale Center is impressive. There are incredible stores, top brands which offer unique products. The best brands in the world have a shop here. There is a Zara store likewise that needs some improvement, and I am here translating for my company. The other day we finished our routine at night and we found a cleaning robot machine. It was surprising, as seeing Yorkdale Center completely empty because it was late at night.

Our company treats us swimmingly, we can spend the money we need in food. There are good restaurants in the hotel that cook anything. I am having sushi for dinner almost every night for instance. Even though my examinations are this week, the decision of working for this company again hence traveling to North America might be the correct.

The hotel in which we are staying is great too. This is a Holiday Inn, it is not new, yet it is fancy nonetheless. As a matter of fact, we have a nice swimming pool, a gym, sauna, jacuzzi, we can play billiard, ping-pong… albeit the best thing I love to do is to write in my new laptop articles for Escarcha Models.

Stay tuned for the next one, there will be more adventures to write about. Do share and comment.