Are you wearing your Make-up right?

Dear friends,

For girls, make-up is equally important as any other accessory, but one that is tricky to wear and requires technique. How do you make sure that you are wearing neither too much make-up nor too little? So, for girls and women who want to know how to wear just the right amount of make-up, this article is a perfect guide and make-up tutorial.

Now we need to understand that we can’t just wear the same kind and amount of make-up everywhere that we go. There is no standard amount of make-up that fits all occasions. So, firstly you need to understand that your make-up is largely dependent upon the occasion or place that you are going to. And that’s exactly what this article is going to focus upon.

Here are some examples of how you need to apply make-up depending upon the occasion and place.

Casual Make-up – Office /College

This is one of those types that you require on a regular basis for example something that you can wear to office or college. Casual make-up, though lighter should be appropriate to take you through the day. Office or college make-up should serve to enhance your look rather than dominate your appearance. The shades chosen should blend well together rather than standing out distinctly. This is so that it gives you a more subtle look.



Party wear make-up is something that is much more flexible and something that you can totally experiment with however, you need to still make sure that you don’t overdo it as to make it extra obvious. Glitters and shiny colors is something that you can make use of though not in a very gaudy manner. You can mix in blush-on shades, try a contrasting lip color and experiment with different eye shades in such a way that it compliments your dress and overall appearance.



Always remember that the most essential component of your make-up for a beach involves a sun protective base, use of water-resistant mascaras and other accessories along with minimum use of blushes and glows. It is important to make use of as little make-up as possible at beach in order to avoid any itching or irritation as you come in contact with sea water.

Beautiful Young Woman on the Beach

Wherever you go, remember that the right amount of make-up is what will enhance your overall look so make sure you know when and how to use your shades. Lastly, don’t forget to always carry your small make-up kit with you at all times to make sure you look your best always!