Vive la France!!! (Third and last article about Paris)

Paris is so amazingly precious that my city, Zaragoza, seems horrendous to me now even though Zaragoza is beautiful since Mayor Pedro Santisteve rules the city.  Henceforth, Vive la France!! is an exclamation I will utter fearlessly. After my article about Delacroix and Louvre and the last one about the Palace of Versailles, welcome to the last one: Vive la France!!


 Remember dear reader that you can read the first and second part of this special series about Paris. These were my last two articles. Besides, you can follow me on Instagram to discover pictures. I always follow back Vive La France.


As I come from a rural part of Spain, flights do not go to Paris directly but to Beauvais airport. This airport is not so close to Paris, yet everything is prepared so that you do not find any trouble at all as there are plenty of coaches that take you to the capital of France. The place you arrive at in Paris is Porte Maillot. In front of this bus station, there are some beautiful stores.


 We were pretty close to the center in Rue Montmartre. This area of Paris is amazing insofar as there are plenty of restaurants, bars…  There is a frenzy of excitement in this part of Paris.

 It was striking to discover almost all the pubs and restaurants in our area had a Happy Hour, thus you get free drinks. It is a good detail, something I do not see in Spain so often or perhaps it is because this part of Paris is very popular.


One morning we found ourselves resting by the Seine River as they famously have prepared some chairs to chill out. It is a great idea. Likewise, it was great to see different bridges, but only one caught my attention.


There are some great bridges but Pont Aleixandre III is especially pretty and even fashionable. As a matter of fact, we discovered professional fashion models working that day. They looked impressive posing as brides. (Follow this link to discover it and a special Elsa Hosk picture). Not only this bridge is beautiful, you see the Seine River and Tour Eiffel. I took some pictures as well.

Subsequently, supermodel Elsa Hosk posted an impressive picture of herself on Instagram from the same bridge. There is something with this bridge. One of the best I have ever seen.


Apart from the extremely famous Eiffel Tour, Champs-Elysees, Notre Dame, Tuileries Gardens or Louvre Museum, there are plenty of other less known but even more beautiful parts of Paris to see. I discovered something I did not know like Fontaine Saint-Michel or Grand Palais or even one statue paying homage to Churchill. What is more, a natural small forest inside something called Grand Palais took our attention and we rested there a little bit.


Champs-Elysées are incredible, one of the best walks in the world for sure. We did the entire walk our last day, yet we crossed Place de la Concorde every day in order to reach our hotel. The stores in this place are amongst the best I have ever seen. Similarly, we crossed a famous venue, L’Olympia where the best artists play.

I have exceeded the limited space again, yet I really hope the reader has had a great experience reading about my trip as we had traveling to France. Do share and comment.