Vampire facial and a new cosmetic that will leave you speechless

This new article and this new cosmetic, about which I am going to talk today, will leave you speechless. However, powerful people are crazy about it because the results are unbelievable. 


When I first read about this new cosmetic, I thought it was going to be another new thing that it is soon forgotten. Nonetheless, a relevant model confessed the other day she had just done a vampire facial, something that reminded me about the cosmetic again.

I have been researching and the issue it is not an anecdote at all, it is serious and getting famous. As a matter of fact, some sportsmen like tennis player Rafael Nadal used this technique to recover from injuries. Other people use a vampire facial to be prettier. This is the case of many celebrities such as Kim Kardashian who loves vampire facial.


Some people try a vampire facial (the supermodel I read about did so) and this is a variation of the cosmetic that it is so incredible.

Vampire facial consists in inserting platelets of your own in your face so that looking younger. Your own blood will improve the aspect of your face whereas recovers a person from an injury faster.


This cosmetic has become usual inside Hollywood. This is something similar than vampire facial that has been used in exceptional cases during the last 20 years.

Notwithstanding the vampire facial trend, some experts assure us that it is not good in the long term. In fact, the results are only visible in beauty terms for a short period of time.

On the other hand, this cream that works in a similar way makes us look perfect permanently as some claim.


It turns out that we can trick our white blood cells to create more cells so that improve our aspect. When we have a cut or something similar, white blood cells work rapidly in order to heal such injury. Our blood creates new white blood cells 140% faster than in any ordinary situation, because we have suffered from an injury.

The creator of this cream takes advantage of it because when this happens our blood is purer hence it contains richer platelets for instance. With this idea and technique, a dermatologist has created this cosmetic made with the blood of a person.

This cosmetic with your blood improved makes your face to look fresher. Collagen gets stronger as a result, and this makes your skin better because it heals you face that ages every year.

If you want to try this, you have to visit Germany and ask for an appointment. Sooner or later, they will create a personal cosmetic for your face with your own blood.

Had you heard of this cosmetic before? Do you like the idea? Do you fancy a vampire facial? Share and comment!