An update: Current state of affairs of Halcombe

Do you remember the incredible game I played and about which I wrote here? You already know that I have been working in Canada, the United States and I spent 55 hours in Madrid to celebrate it. However, there is an update regarding Halcombe. And again, do you remember the incredible game I played???


Indeed, you should remember such incredible game. Playing an amazing but wicked game  This game took place in the building that belongs to Opel España (Opel Spain). The funny thing is I am currently working therein.

In fact, nobody won the game, therefore nobody was hired. However, I started to work for them last week. This is a big enterprise. The Spanish region where I live, Aragón, has one of the biggest Opel factories in Europe if I am not wrong.

After finishing my shorts holidays in Madrid, I discovered I was not going to travel with the company for the rest of the year. It is the end of the year and, besides, the weather is not perfect, to say the least.

I started writing again and I want to publish a novel, an entirely fictional story. Yet, I did not feel completely happy without a job, hence I searched for one. This is something I did because I did not want to have a guilty conscience. However, I do not have a guilty conscience now, but a job and less time as a result.

I did not think I would be hired. This is a new project where English is essential. I cannot really say too much because I have only worked two days because we are in the middle of a national holiday in Spain. At the beginning of December, we usually have holidays because we celebrate the inception of our Constitution.

I do not know if this job is going to last or if it will interfere with future business trips. Nevertheless, what I do love is to write, creativity and fashion amongst many things. The quote that opens my novel and my (hopefully) new book is “Chase your dreams or them will become nightmares”. Do you agree?

I can write new articles for Escarcha on weekends. In fact, my next one is going to be great insofar as… Yet, there are plenty of things I want to try. For instance, I admire supermodels in such a big deal that I have always wanted to have a book with pictures of mine.

I have dreamed a lot of times with fashion campaigns with my face or look, although I only write so far. With the new year, new resolutions appear and you analyze the year that is ending. Do you think I could set the world of fashion on fire? To start with, you have here my newest and most recent picture (no filter).

Meanwhile, I will keep writing and working for this company. Wish me luck!!!! This is the update. Do share and comment.