This is what celebrities eat!!!!

Not only supermodels look after their bodies, famous people, actresses or celebrities look after themselves in an even greater detail. I have discovered the deepest beauty secrets from relevant celebrities so that look impressive. Do you want to know them?? 


A two times Oscar winner (The Aviator and Blue Jasmine) Cate Blanchett does this to look younger. She eats fresh pineapple every morning as this keeps the skin fresh and younger. Likewise, she had a soya yogurt for breakfast with oat flakes. As a result, she reaches midday full of energy.


What Demi Moore does is to eat raw food. Her daily recipe is this; she eats raw mushrooms with lemon, carrots, and yogurt. Raw vegetables do have more vitamins; what is more, contain more fibres than cooked vegetables. Demi Moore was an icon back in the 1980s and 1990s. Another beauty secret she keeps is to have a hot lemon juice for breakfast. She adds cayenne to this lemon juice in order to lose even more calories.


Another Oscar-winning actress (Chicago) has agar as her favourite food. Agar is a food complement that comes from seaweed. Agar grows bigger once it has reached the stomach. Consequently, you are not yearning for food in such a big way as when you eat any other kind of nutrient. Catherine Zeta-Jones adds powdered agar to a soup she always eats before meals.


The favorite food of Kirsten Dunst, who became famous when she appeared on Spiderman, is a milkshake with strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries, this kind of fruits do only have little calories. It is a good idea to eat these fruits at the end of the day. The trick of Kirsten Dunst is to include more raw food in her diet daily. Some of her choices are spinaches, onions or beet.


Cameron Diaz still is a sexy symbol despite her age. The beauty trick of this actress is as it follows. Prior to having dinner, she eats a soup with onion, celery, and sprout, without salt or oil. For breakfast, she drinks a Dominican drink; oat flakes, lemon juice, water and stevia mixed with the blender.


Gwyneth Paltrow won an Oscar for Shakespeare in Love. What Gwyneth Paltrow eats is spirulina seaweed. Spirulina makes you stop eating and it is great to your well-being and health. Moreover, spirulina seaweed also makes you look younger. Another beauty trick of Gwyneth Paltrow is to drink almond milk in the morning, between breakfast and lunch. As a result, her stomach works better.


Victoria Beckham drinks green tea with lemon. The beauty trick Victoria Beckham follows is a trick about which Halcombe talked on this blog (eat as much as your hands decide it). If you have not read such article of Halcombe, this trick consists in measuring the food you are to eat based on the size of your hands because our hands tell us how much we ought to eat.


Dancer, businesswoman, actress or singer, these are some of the jobs of Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Lopez eats a milkshake made of; banana, spinaches, milk rice, almonds and powdered proteins.

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