The second part of my novel plus my new job

Something magical is happening with regards to my novel “El Verano de Natalie Davis” as I am writing the second part. What is more, I have just found a job. Do you want to know more? Keep reading dear reader!!


I have started writing the second part of my novel. Remember the title of my novel is “El Verano de Natalie Davis” (The summer of Natalie Davis in English). I have written 20 new pages and I am happy with the result. So happy I am with the result that I have included these new 20 pages at the end of my last novel. Thereby, the end changes and now it is longer.

I changed the title from “El Verano de Natalie Davis” to “Natalie Davis” and I have sent it to different publishing Houses because it is now a different novel, a better one. I do not know if this is going to work out. In fact, one person advised me that If there is previously a similar novel, Publishing Houses perhaps do not like my idea.

Nonetheless, I am so happy writing that I do not know whether to write a second part or leave the book with a different end. Publishing Houses need time, yet I do not care about their opinion. Is it a mistake to publish the novel again with a different end? It is better to write a good second part? You should read these new pages, they are overlaid with emotion. In my opinion, my novel gains a lot now with these new pages and a different end.

To say the truth, I have stopped writing the exciting second part. This is because I want to know if Publishing Houses are interested in my idea. The novel has an open end and now it has a complete one with exciting new pages.


I wrote once about a wicked game I played in order to obtain a good job. (Try this link if you want to read it Playing an amazing but wicked game ). Likewise, I had to play a similar game to show my credentials recently. This job is interesting insofar as I have to talk in English all the time. How would you feel talking in English and only in English? This is what I have to do.

The enterprise works with schools. Children go with their teachers to an excursion for instance. The job we have to do is talking in English with them. No matter if they speak to you in Spanish, because you have to ignore them and keep talking English. As a result, children improve their English skills a lot. This job only lasts days, it has the same duration than the trips children do. Yet, it can be good for me.

Do you like my ideas? Do you like my job?