The lovely time of Halcombe visiting Greece

“We are all Greeks” Isaac Asimov.

I can assure the reader my health is better now. Therefore, I shall write something pleasant. What about the time Halcombe visited Greece? Keep reading!!!


We have a former Prime Minister in Spain, José María Aznar, who fell in love with his current wife in Athens, Greece. On the other hand, the trip I did to Greece was a cultural one. I studied Classical Greek at High School, but to be honest I am not able to say a single word though. Both the politician and Halcombe were involved in High School trips, yet I did not discover the love of my life.


Greece is a very important country. Thanks to its history, literature, politics… we have now Western Civilization. What seems normal now we owe to the Greeks. However, a lot has changed and now Greece is a country that has seen its economics suffering a lot. As a consequence, Greece had a huge debt and little growth.

Nowadays, it seems Greece has improved and it is no longer an indebted country. Yet, as they are a former Turkish colony, little do they have now regarding its past splendor because plenty of years have passed since classic philosophers created our culture.


We would sleep in a hotel in Athens. Nonetheless, every morning we did a cultural excursion. It was magical to discover the places we had studied before in the classroom. The last day we enjoyed the nightlife of Athens. Hence, we were able to compare all the cultural trips with the current reality of Athens.

However, we also had one night of classic Greek music, dancers and food. The thing with going out in Athens was that the music and ambiance are similar in all the parts of the world. This happens because popular music in English is everywhere.


If you know classic Greek History you know a lot insofar as they can teach a lot. One thing impresses me nonetheless. Some of the old philosophers said that only a small amount of people should vote.

They said so because no everybody is able to vote properly, only a small amount should be eligible. What do you think? Nowadays, everybody is able to vote but we still have problems. Few people with special knowledge could vote in order to bring justice to our world. On the other hand, a lot of people should only be interested in caring about their families.


Given the lovely time I had plus the weather or the food, I recommend everybody to visit the country. What is more, perhaps you fell in love as our popular former Spanish prime minister did

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