Taken to hospital, a horrible experience

I have been having some technical problems writing this article, but I am not going to have more because I am writing it again. And I have to be honest: I spent last Christmas at the hospital, a horrible experience. Keep reading!!!!


Spending Christmas day at the hospital with strange people have been an awful experience. Now I am at my home but I am resting, I have to wait until February at least to have a full recovery. I was at the hospital for 10 days, a horrendous experience.


What is more, I have been taking some examinations at the University. This is interesting because I have been studying Hamlet, a majestic play.

Hamlet does not know what to do, his dad has asked him to kill Claudius, who has married the mother of Hamlet and also is the new king of Denmark. Moreover, Claudius is the uncle of Hamlet, the brother of the dad of Hamlet. The worst is to discover Hamlet and his uncle do not get on bad.

The famous sentence “To be or not to be” means Hamlet hesitates regarding the message of his dad. Hamlet does not know if he should kill his uncle, hence obey his dad. On the other hand, as he is cultivated and a clever person he does not really want to kill his uncle.

I have been reading Hamlet and writing about it in this examination. Likewise, I have been studying other prominent British authors such as Lawrence, Conrad, Wilde or Virginia Woolf.


In order to add more disgrace to my situation, the weather these days has been bad. In fact, it rains and it´s really cold outside. Some days I go to bed at 5 o´clock in the evening, incredible but the truth.


I have a dog, she is a Jack Rusell Terrier, she is very funny and she helps me in those horrible days. She is very funny, her hair is very beautiful insofar as she has a black and white hair. The name of my dog is Evarista. She is named after a Spanish punk star from the Basque Country.


Did you like my last article? Of course, I am not going to drink that beer given my state, yet the fancy cover already prevented me from doing so.


The situation I am living is not good, I am waiting until doctors see me again in February. Meanwhile, I stay at home with my parents, I try to do things but I am weak. Having good health is the best thing in the world, even than having a lot of money I presume.

At least I have been able to write this article for Escarcha Models wishing everybody a good day and good health!!!


This is the end of this article, hope you have enjoyed this as I will be writing more soon (hopefully). Do share and comment!!!