Chapter 6 – How to Become the Next Top Model

Through this guide, we have taken a critical look at the model world; and have seen the requirements to scoring as a model. Here, I am going to showcase seven basic steps you could take to becoming the next hot top model.

Carry Out Adequate Research

Perhaps, the biggest mistake most aspiring models make is the failure to carry out adequate research beforehand. If you are not sure where to start, you can always check to see which agencies are reputable, how long the agency has been in business, and who an agency represents. Look for an agent by going through your favourite magazines and taking note of which agency is representing the models you admire. If your interest lies in a smaller agency, do some online research before giving them a call to ensure they are reputable. This can also help to boost your self-confidence and make you more comfortable with the aspects of the business.


Be Well Prepared

Though classes are by no means a prerequisite, you could give it consideration if you feel like you have something that’s holding you back; like lack of adequate knowledge of the industry, or if you’re in need of a boost in confidence. Just like any other job, read up on the agency that’s interviewing you, including all models that are signed with them as well as company news. Just as you would prepare for a job interview, it is important that you prepare for a career in the modelling industry as well as any interviews that you will be a part of with an agency.


Learn more about what the agencies are looking for as well as the clothing that you should wear for the interview. This information can make a huge difference when you are going through an interview. If possible, reach out to other models that are already signed with the agency and gain their advice as well.

Create a Picture-Perfect Port-folio

Your modelling port-folio book is like your resume, and should be in top condition, prior to scheduling interviews or auditions or attending an open-call. It is important that your port-folio has enough in it to convince the agency that you have got the potential that is required to become a top model.

Your port-folio should be able to portray that you are comfortable when in front of a camera and that you have a variety of expressions and movement. You could liken your port-folio as a story that you’re telling to a prospective agency; a short and interesting story; that is meant to hold the agency spell-bound.

Remain Natural

When meeting with an agent, or going for an interview, avoid the temptation to get all painted up and glossy. Be yourself. It is always good to come the way you are. You shouldn’t be concerned with changing who you are to meet up or impress the agency. As a matter of fact, they would want to see you in your natural looking state without all the glosses and make ups and brushed eyebrows.

When it comes to wardrobe for the interview, you need not go on a shopping spree and adorn yourself in a $10,000 flowing gown. Body-conscious skinny jeans and a good top so the body can be seen would be perfect.

Have a Smile for the Camera

It’s good to come with a few casual shots in addition to your portfolio. A simple headshot, body shot, profile, and a smile would be okay. Play around with different poses and facial expressions.

Be Bold, personable and Speak Up

As a model or prospective model, an outgoing personality is a great asset. Don’t be a mushroom. You should be able to express yourself and mix it up in any given occasion. It shouldn’t appear as if you are being pushed into the role or job. Love it and speak out. Be vibrant!

Models that do well are confident, ambitious, and have certain humbleness about the fact that being genetically gifted is what got them in the business. You should be coordinated and respect the profession. Running around and scrambling to get your portfolio in order at the dying minutes before the interview probably in the elevator is a serious no no.


Take Caution by Reading the Contract before Signing the Dotted Line

If you succeed in impressing the agency enough to get a contract, then its celebration time! However, don’t get carried with joy and exuberance and then sign a contract without reading the terms.

Make sure you read every line before signing!

Read everything and ask questions. Where you are not satisfied, do not be afraid to research and seek out consultation. A sincere and reputable agency would give you the time to go through the fine prints of your agreement and contract.


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