Chapter 5 – Avoiding Getting Scammed

Like every other arena of life, the modelling world has got its own set of the bad, the good and the ugly. There are loads of con men who will try to take advantage of prospective models. The rule is this: when people ask you for money, they’re trying to scam you. Most often, the only time that a model should be asked to shell out money if for a model search, model convention or scouting company, but you should still be wary in these situations as well.

It is important that you research the agencies or services that you are considering using carefully. Even though there are situations where you may be asked to pay a certain sum of money, it should only be with trustworthy agencies like Ford, Boss or Elite. If you do find an agency that is requesting a sum of money from you, you will need to make sure that you understand why the money is being requested and how it will benefit you. However, if a trustworthy agency is behind the request, there shouldn’t be any worries.

If you run into any of the following situations, you should be very suspicious.

Pushy photographers

If you come across a photographer that’s asking for a couple of thousands of dollars just to sell you a portfolio, then he is most probably a scam. Since most advertisers get their models from agencies, a portfolio won’t be needed because the agency that signs you will do it for you, and for free. Additionally, you don’t need professional pictures when approaching agencies.

Fly-by-night operations

These are agencies that lack clients, having not been in operation for a long while, and are terrible at getting you work. What makes them a rip-off is that they’ll ask you for registration and portfolio fees. No reputable agency would act this way.

Modelling schools

As far as modelling is concerned, there are no certified schools. However, there are those who say that they’ve gained experience from such establishments. If you have the cash, you could give these schools a chance, but I doubt you would find anything that you couldn’t pick up from a book or online.

Shady characters

Con artists make a living by adding a feel to your ego. There are people who would assume the positions of managers and claim they can get you work in exchange for a method of payment that is not straightforward. Also, be careful of strangers who come to you with claims that you could be a model. In most cases, they are empty bags of claims. Just walk away.


Downsides of Being a Model

If you do choose the modelling path after going through this report, then prepare yourself for an exhausting life. It won’t be unusual to find yourself always on the road, travelling as you attend to one assignment after the other.

You’ll spend a great deal of your time at appointments with advertisers; be required to smile for hours on end, and change clothes during almost unending photo shoots. On the good side, you will get invitations to the best parties and meet some of the hottest men / women in the world.


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