Stella Maxwell and Josephine Skriver; very special fashion icons

The world of fashion has changed as everything is doing too. Without going any further, we have two fashion icons nowadays never seen before. Do you want to know the reason? Keep reading.

Not only Stella Maxwell and Josephine Skriver work for the best fashion brands or they are two of the current Victoria´s Secret angels. They are also fashion icons for both the industry and also LGTB community. This is their story.


Stella Maxwell is the first bisexual supermodel in the history of fashion. Perhaps there were in the past, but no one dared to declare it publicly.

What is more, she has been in the spotlight for different reasons as she was dating pop sensation Miley Cyrus. They were known as Styley made with the names of Stella and Miley.

This romance between Stella Maxwell and Miley Cyrus brought Maxwell to stardom. She is now for instance, the hottest girl in the world according to Maxim magazine on its last 2016 edition.

Furthermore, Stella Maxwell is in the mouth of everyone as she is dating a Hollywood star; Kristen Stewart, the main protagonist of Twilight saga. They are forming one of the most popular couples in the world of show business.

Stella Maxwell was born in Belgium. Because his dad is a diplomat from Belfast, Northern Ireland, she has been able to live and study in several countries such as New Zealand or Australia.


I published on this blog some interesting anecdotes about some supermodels. One of them was Josephine Skriver.

Now, we are to extend and fully explain the incredible life story of this Danish supermodel. Another LGTB icon as her parents are gay.

As a matter of fact, Josephine Skriver has 4 parents, as incredible as it sounds. Her mum had a girlfriend but she posted an advertisement on a gay magazine in order to have a child.

A gay man answered hence Josephine Skriver was raised having 4 parents. Two couples formed by two women and two men. Denmark is one of the most LGBT friendly countries in the world.

Now, she is a Victoria´s Secret angel, a fashion icon and a role model for LGBT community. Never before this community had fashion icons as important and special as Josephine Skriver and Stella Maxwell.

Josephine Skriver dates a rockstar from band The Cab. She usually meets LGBT family members all around the world so that make them believe they can reach their dreams and aspirations as she has done, because she is one of the models sensations of the world of fashion.

Indeed, she says that having grown up with this special situation has made her be tougher. In fact, she wakes up really early in the morning to work out. Her body and look are one of the most coveted by fashion brands.

Share the story of these two supermodels and LGBT Icons. LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual, a collective that has not been represented in the world of fashion until now.