Spring is here. Let´s workout!!

Spring is finally here. There are plenty of good reasons to be happy and cheerful. One of them is wear new outfits although one of the best reveries of spring is having a perfect figure. As a result, let´s workout with the following exercises bearing in mind some important wisdom!!! 


Spring is one of the best moments of the year. The ice disappears. Bears wake up. Flowers grow anew. Fashion brands create new collections and everybody wants to be slim to show off.

Yet, it is such a shame we ate far too many sweets during the winter months. Thank god Halcombe is here to help you in order to have a perfect body.


To say the truth, you have to repeat an exercise 40 times to have a real impact on your muscles. Likewise, you must workout at least 45 minutes so that get rid of the fat that we all have in our bellies.


Our bodies come from evolution. At one point in ancient human history, our bodies discovered that a good way to survive was to keep fat in the belly to be alive.

As a matter of fact, our ancestors (Neanderthals, Homo sapiens) found easily fruits and vegetables, yet only once a week (sometimes once per month or even more) they were able to hunt and subsequently eat meat (deer, wolves…)

Perhaps it sounds strange, but the reality is that our bodies have the same techniques that the bodies of our ancestors (Homo sapiens, Neanderthals) as we lived during centuries with these food patterns. Not much has changed in real terms.

No matter how many exercise you do. Our bodies are used to this system and it is overly complicated to change it. They are good at keeping food in reserve in case something bad takes place.

Our bodies are adept at having extra food in the belly in case we needed it although our fridge is full of food. This is why is so easy to get fat and so difficult to be slim.

As a result, you have to workout at least 45 minutes in order to make your body get rid of fat and bad toxins. After working out this amount of time, you should eat good food, for instance, vegetables and fruits.

These vegetables and fruits will replace the fat that our bodies keep in reserve after working out for 45 minutes.


To be slim and to have a good figure there is nothing like running. Boxing is also great. Jumping rope is very complete, but the easiest and even the cheapest is to run.

The problem is our knees suffer if you do it a lot. Therefore, you should give your body one day to rest. I mean, you can run 4 times per week.

If your run in the treadmill is better for your knees but your mind and body will be happier running in the countryside.  This is even better for your knees than running on concrete, through the city. Something that is not as good for your knees or for your mind and body.

Hope this post has helped you a lot because it has some relevant knowledge for you to bear in mind. Stay tuned to have a perfect body this spring. Do share and comment.