Spending 55 hours in Madrid, the capital of Spain.

After having finished my business trip and coming back home (you can discover these happenings reading recent stories of Halcombe), I went to Madrid to spend 55 hours in the capital of Spain. It was years since I last came to Madrid, a beautiful place to visit. Keep reading. 


Yes, Madrid is a great place to visit. Moreover, it was a great decision insofar as after having received a paycheck I had money to spend. (To say the truth, any European capital may be a good idea with money in your pockets).

Some years ago, Obama administration visited Spain so that scrutinize Spanish railway system. In fact, our high-speed train, AVE (that literally means bird but also stands for Spanish high speed), is a perfect way to travel. You can reach any big city in Spain in a record time. Whilst going to Madrid from Zaragoza by bus can cost you hours and hours, using the train AVE makes you reach Madrid in less than two.


As a result, I went to central Madrid by train and I stayed in a central hotel as well. The city center of Madrid is beautiful. I support Futbol Club Barcelona and I have always had. Yet, as I have never seen the stadium of Real Madrid, Santiago Bernabéu, I visited it. But it was not as impressive as I had thought at first nonetheless. Besides, it is a long way walking from Bernabéu to the city center. As it was chilling that afternoon I had to buy some delicious and hot chestnuts.


You may remember a story I wrote last Christmas. I explained why Spanish people eat 12 grapes at midnight when a new year starts. Puerta del Sol is the main place where people eat these grapes. What is more, is an emblematic site (the picture you can see depicts it, the statue is the main symbol of the region of Madrid). Likewise, some of the most important streets are nearby.

Another Spanish tradition that makes the start of Christmas every year is the national lottery. No matter how broke, sick or unhappy you are, the whole of Spain forgets about everything and pays attention to it. It is a special day, and albeit I never play any kind of lottery I bought some. As I was in Madrid I have more chances (or this is what I want to believe).


Gran Vía is where the best brands have stores. In fact, some firms such as Primark, H&M or Zara have such impressive stores you can say you are inside a museum. However, the best museum, in my opinion, is Museo del Prado. I bought something in one store near Gran Via of course, although some of the things I saw were too expensive.


Apart from eating and drinking (you are in Spain after all) shopping and seeing beautiful places (Plaza Mayor is another thing we saw), there is room for culture. As a matter of fact, there are great museums in Madrid. The most important because of its history is Museo del Prado.

Madrid has always been an important city. Therefore, there are plenty of historical and impressive paintings.

Museo del Prado is huge and you can find any historical moment depicted. Some relevant painters such as Goya or Velázquez have their paintings safe here forever.

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