“On the road” because it feels so good to be driving a car again!!!!

I posted a recent picture on Instagram that depicts the moment I was going to buy my brand new car.  Whilst the jacket is from H&M, the jeans are Levis. (Remember my old story about Levis  Levis, jeans and the myth of this iconic piece of clothing. ) However, the fancy boots do not belong to any major brand. Once I have presented my recent look, I ought to focus on the subject of this article. Do you want to know how I am feeling driving my new car? What is more,  have you read the novel “On the Road”? 


It was seven years since I last drove a car. I had an old, yet powerful car, a Renault. It was an ancient one to be honest. On the other hand, my car is new, what is odd nonetheless is to discover my new car it is not as powerful as my Renault. This strange issue aside, I am feeling great driving again.


At the same time, I am busy studying as I have some examinations to face soon. Funnily, I am studying an iconic novel “On the Road” by Kerouac. Not long ago, there was a Hollywood movie adaptation, yet experts claim nothing can be compared to the book.

I am getting familiar with my new car driving it a couple of hours every day. Afterward, I study American literature, and, I, as I have mentioned, “On the Road“, is one of the books I am discovering. Personally, I find utterly exciting the idea of driving a car throughout a country as big and as special as the United States. What do you think? The freedom of driving and the magic of seeing new places for the first time might be mesmerizing.


The author of this novel belongs to a literary group known as Beat generation. These writers are really special, Ginsberg and Burroughs are other ones who belong to this label. I am not reading the entire novel, yet I do want to buy On the Road because seems exciting. The protagonist embarks himself in an adventure driving his car from the American west coast to the state of New York in the East Coast. As a result, when I am driving my new Opel car I dream about living similar adventures. As a matter of fact, I am thinking of doing something similar. What am I going to do this summer? Have you already prepared your summer?

Writing can make you be eternal. It is such a long time since Kerouac wrote this book. However, the reader can make it alive every time someone opens it. Similarly, this week another literary giant has died, Philip Roth. Artists create something so precious that lasts forever, the feeling of discovering a piece of art for the first time is as unique as the freedom of driving a car.


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