Prada and Gucci – Among the World’s Top Fashion Brands

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Every fashion brand started with a fashion designer behind it. If you are going to take a look at the fashion industry now, you will see that Gucci and Prada are on the top list. And both have acquired the top seat in the fashion industry because of the individuals and their creative and trendy ideas that started it all. Every aspiring and professional fashion designer wishes to get to the same spot. But how can one be as successful as these fashion brands? What did it take for the individuals behind these internationally recognized brands to achieve the kind of success they now have? Have a glimpse of these brands’ history!




The person behind that started this brand and behind its success is Guccio Gucci. It started as a brand that worked its way up with one thing in mind. Guccio’s interest in fashion was fuelled when he began working in well-off hotels. The elevated lifestyle Guccio witnessed in the place was what inspired him and set his sight on his aspiration. From then, aspiration became a vital element in the Gucci brand, which is easily reflected on its own logo, done with a luxurious and bold touch.

There are five characteristics that define the fashion brand Gucci and has been part of its development since the beginning. These are:

  • Innovation – Its bold touch made it a distinct brand from the rest. It made it successfully stand out from the crowd.
  • Inspiration – It is all about inspiration, a continuous flow of it. This element is what showed off its confidence.
  • Gucci – The story behind the brand’s success entails power and strength that remains and people recognize with just the mention of its name.
  • Luxury – The luxury witnessed by Guccio led him to the success that his brand now enjoys.




Many consider this brand as the fashion industry’s epitome. Prada prided itself on its exclusivity, which served as a significant and huge part of the brand beginning the turn of the twentieth century. Like with Gucci, it comes with characteristics that only the brand uniquely possesses.

  • Attention to Detail – This element is a vital skill every fashion designer should have to be successful in the industry.
  • Understated – Simplicity yet luxurious is among the things that define this brand. Just like with its logo, the creations are simple yet more than elegant on the overall look.


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The Key Element in Becoming a Successful Fashion Designer – Let Your Passion and Creativity Guide You

The combination of these characteristics is what every aspiring successful fashion designer should think about. But more than these, the most important element they should not forget about to have and practice is the importance of knowing their limits or when to stop. Let your creations be what it should be. Know what you can and how far you can go and do not go for what you know you cannot be.

If you want aim for the same level of success, you need to start with the very basic. You can also be your own Guccio Gucci.  You only need be highly artistic and creative. Have the eye for fashion and let your creativity be the way to express what you have in mind. Getting work experience within this industry is important as well. It is important because it is the best way to get a feel of what it really is to be what you wanted to be. Along the way, you also learn more about fashion trends while developing your own unique fashion style.