Photographing is life.

Hi everyone!

I am super excited to be the new blogger of Escarcha Models! First a little bit about myself. My name is Amber de Jongh and I live in the Netherlands. I am still in high school and after the holidays I will go to my sophomore year. I also am a huge animal lover!  I have a dog and a horse. I live in a very small town called Elshout. It is a little bit of a farmers city and there are lots and lots of meadows and small ranches. It is fine for now, but I do not want to live there my entire life. One of my goals is traveling a lot and maybe even doing a world trip. I love visiting new countries and seeing other cultures! My other hobbies include horse riding, doing make-up, being with my friends, sleeping (; and photographing.

I am the girl in the black top!


Yesterday I actually did a fotoshoot with one of my friends, Eline. After work, I went to her place and we first had a barbecue with her family. Her mom made a whole bunch of stuff. We had strawberries, melon, french bread, pasta salad, cucumber, and tomatoes. Her dad did the barbecuing . We had hamburgers, sausages and sticks with different kinds of meat on it. It was super nice and delicious.

After the barbecue Eline and I cycled to the woods and the dunes. After only ten minutes we arrived and found a beautiful spot to take the first series of photos. She felt a little awkward standing in front of the camera so I started. We made photos on several different places. We both hoped we would have a beautiful sunset but unfortunately it was way too cloudy. ):

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After a while we were getting a little bit tired so we decided to sit down and drink something. Eline brought a big, blue towel and while enjoying the drinks we chatted about a bunch of stuff. We also took some selfies which I will show down below!

Eventually we realized it was getting dark and we still wanted to shoot some pictures. So very quickly we packed everything up and tried to find a nice last spot. After walking for a little bit we found a beautiful small lake with a bunch of purple flowers around it! We started to shoot and the pictures turned turned out amazing! The scenery was just so freaking nice.


Sadly, it quickly became to dark outside to take pictures with good lightning. So we decided to head back home. There we looked at all the photos we made, and we made a LOT, together with the parents of Eline. We all agreed the pictures turned out great. I did not had to be home at any specific time so we turned on the TV and watched some of the Olympic Games together. At around 10 pm her mom brought me home.

I had such a great evening. I just love taking pictures so much.

Anyway, I hope you liked my first blog post! I will be posting 1/2 times a week. It will be about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle in combination with my own life. In two days I am heading off to Spain! I will write something about traveling and everything I experience over there soon.

Lots of love,


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