New Year New….New Haircut!!

Do you really believe the fairytale called New Year New Life? As far as I am concerned, it is more accurate to state New Year new haircut. This is why. 

Yes indeed. New Year can be great but also can be depressed if you have not fulfilled all your intended resolutions.

I had this new haircut and I truly believe I am ready to face this new year 2017. January it is a tricky month. Many people are overweight as a result of having eaten too much.

Others are just broke because they have spent their savings in expensive holidays, presents and parties they could not afford in the first place.

Some researches show us that last days of January are the the worst of the year. Yet, I am ready to face any challenge ahead.


I feel great now with this new haircut, although everything did not go accordingly in the first place. To begin with, I went to a hair salon in which a hairdresser did really treat me wrong.

I asked some questions about my hair but such person did not answer. He was talking with everybody, with his eyes in anything, but my hair.

They did not even say farewell to me. However, I had to give them my email address, so that receive plenty of annoying promotions.

This beauty salon it is supposed to be a renowned one, it also has an English title attached to it, and perhaps it is even an international chain. Its name is Oh my cut!

This last time, just when the year was vanishing, I went to other hairdresser close to where the awful one is located. I was treated in a superb manner. They rendered a great haircut, the one you can see on this post.

To say the truth, they discovered my hair was horribly cut, with unequal parts. I felt so bad I had to write something in revenge. Hope no one go to that one anymore.


A haircut it is something special, many people dare enough to change it from time to time, but most of us do keep the same all our adult life.

It is a sign of distinction likewise. What is more, it might also express ourselves. How we are feeling or how we behave.

Do remember, Samson, such a powerful person, almost perfect, his only weakness was having his hair cut. His strength was as a result of his strong hair.

To Celts, a long hair epitomized strength in men and fertility in women. To Egyptians, it represented a social status; this is why they wore wigs pfizer viagra commande.

In Ancient Greece, a curly hair meant freedom and joy. To Halcombe a bad haircut alongside a horrible treatment represents an insult, thereby; he has to express it through a written story.

Are you ready for the year ahead? Have a great haircut experience and share this post to make justice.