My new novel; El verano de Natalie Davis (the summer of Natalie Davis) is here!!!

I have been talking about it in recent posts, providing the reader with hints and facts. On this post, I can write about it directly because my novel, the summer of Natalie Davis, is here. In fact, you can buy my novel anywhere in the world. The picture you see is the cover. What do you think?



Named after American actress Natalie Portman and supermodels Ebonee Davis and Hannah Davis (now her name is Hannah Jeter nonetheless) as Hannah Davis became one of the best ever covers for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. My protagonist, Natalie Davis, wants to become a supermodel. However, her dad, a remarkable lawyer from Manhattan, does utterly hate the idea.

As a result, the mum of Natalie sends her to a rural part of Spain, Tarazona (Aragon, my village by the way)) to spend a quiet summer with the grandmother of Natalie. Nevertheless, what was going to be an idyllic, beautiful and moving summer turns out to be an incredible, dangerous and exciting adventure that changes the life of Natalie Davis forever.


I am paying homage to my grandmother who died at the age of 90 and whose last two years of existence were marred with disgrace. What is more, as she was really nice and I love movies so much, I am paying homage to Martin Scorsese movies for instance.

Movies I did watch with my grandmother when I was a teenager. As a matter of fact, she would watch any movie with me regardless of its genre as she was very kind. What is more, I would listen to punk music with her as well. The name of my grandmother was María and this novel is dedicated to her.


I want to write a trilogy. Indeed, the ending of this book is open and perhaps an introduction to a wider story. I am very happy with the result, I started to write El Verano de Natalie Davis (the summer of Natalie Davis) 3 years ago. Just when funny comedian Jimmy Fallon presented the new cover of Sports Illustrated.

This cover with supermodel Hannah Davis appeared on his show; The Tonight Show. It was such a funny presentation (it is not always like that) it made me conceive a story. Follow the link to discover this funny appearance of Hannah Davis on The Tonight Show 


As you may remember because of my recent article about Natalie Portman. The protagonist does resemble her and her impressive movie; V for Vendetta. However, the key issue regarding this movie is Natalie Portman has her hair fully cut. Yet, on the cover, she has a long hair as you can see. It does not matter, because what is really important is the gripping adventure she lives inside the novel.


The summer of Natalie Davis, el Verano de Natalie Davis is available worldwide. You can buy the book or you can buy it to read electronically. It costs 14 euros in paper and 4 euros if you prefer to have it on your electronic devices.  Do share and comment. Thanks in advance.