Moving away from social media this August

This is my first post of August. I am taking the opportunity this blog brings me weekly to tell you today about a revolutionary idea. Do you want to know why you should move away from social media temporarily?? 

We are in summer. What is more, we are starting August and people move away from the big cities as they have holidays. Similarly, Halcombe has a suggestion for you: move away from social media for a while!!


One of my first articles for Escarcha Models was about ways to get asleep easily. The truth is we suffer from sleep deprivation in a great deal nowadays, far more than in the past. Therefore; I wrote about some tricks to sleep properly. One of the things that make us have problems when it comes to sleep is our mobile devices.

Now that we are in August I got a suggestion for you, the reader. Turns out sleeping is essential and social media looks too these days, yet if we scrutinize everything we might believe otherwise.

We are behaving like machines these days and our brains are hooked on mobile devices. The reason is easy to understand. People who are in charge to design social media sites and social media apps have a hidden intention. Their main purpose is to make our brains to get hooked.

Some people cannot enter into a casino without inserting a coin so that getting the jackpot. Their brains love such sensation and the light and sounds of these machines functioning help our brains to feel comfortable. We may believe they are sick. Likewise, social media sites are created to make our brains satisfied when we receive a like on a picture or a positive comment. However, what we are getting is an insignificant reward. Meanwhile, people who own those internet sites obtain plenty and valuable information about you.

We spend more time alone, we are more individualist and the worst is we do not think deeply. In order to attain something big and achieve greatness in any regard, we ought to focus on only a thing at the same time. Yet, our mobile devices do not stop sounding with extraneous notifications.

My piece of advice for the reader is to turn off notifications. What is more, in my opinion, it is better and helpful to use social media only on traditional computers, allowing the mobile device to be only used for the essential as phoning someone. Your life will be better if you teach your brain to be able to cope without a smartphone.

Now that we are in August it is a wonderful idea to uninstall all your apps from your mobile phone temporarily. Your brain will be happier and will be working better. Do this for a while and I assure you you will see an improvement in your life.

Spend time with your family and friends, go outdoors, watch movies, travel, read novels or Halcombe daily!!!! Your life will be better if also you switch off from social media and your mobile devices. Try this for 3 days to start with, the sun will be rising even though you do not use social media. More importantly, your brain will be healthy, give it a detoxification.

Social media is like a drug and as we all know, drugs are not a good option. Do share and comment.