Meeting my muse and my friend again

 The reader might know I have been talking about my new job and my new book here. I wrote about a job regarding English that in the end, I did not carry out. Likewise, I explained how I had changed the end of my new novel to present it as a new one. Yet, the more exciting thing is I have met my muse and my best friend again. Keep reading!!!!


I started my novel in the year 2015, yet I could not finish it. Things did not work out, I did not have a good end. Two years later I met a girl from Peru. Her name is Katia. She was a very nice girl, a teacher who was in Spain studying a course.  We hung out very often. In fact, I visited her in Zaragoza a couple of times every week. We had a great time together. She discovered a lot of places, food and drinks she did not know before.

Once she ended her course and came back to Peru we started a very special relationship. We saw each other every day on the Internet. Not only we talked but we also did videos.

When the summer came I woke up every morning to write but before anything, I would write to Katia and we talked for a long time. She inspired me in such a way that I invented a character after her that is key to the plot. So close was our relationship that we talked every day and I called her Sweet Katy. 

Two years after our farewell I have seen her again. It was on Good Friday, a very special day for many people and it was in Madrid. She was going to Turkey but stopped in Madrid to visit some people for two days. She was in Peru all this time and now she has moved to Turkey to start a new life.

It was magical seeing her again after two years, we walked throughout Madrid and we talked a lot. She has become a kind of a muse to me. She inspires me so much I always write something after having talked to her. I will always have her as my muse!!


It was 3 years since I last saw my friend. The funny thing is he is working with me now. Just before starting my new job he called me because he knew I was going to work with him. I could not believe it, we had not seen for 3 years and now we see each other every day.

In my department, there are seven people, 5 girls he and I. We have such a fun time talking when the time for lunch arrives or when we have 5 minutes to drink coffee that work reaches another dimension. Having him in the workplace helps a lot. Indeed, we are always laughing and making jokes. It is impossible to get bored with him.

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