Making a movie inspired by my last book

All of us have dreams (perhaps yours is to be a professional model) and my dream is to see a movie based on my last book. Indeed, I have already started to look for my dream. Keep reading!!

You may know my last book, (the third one, the second in Spanish (my second was in English)) was published last year. I published several articles for Escarcha Models about it. (Try this old article for instance: The look of Natalie Portman for V for Vendetta and the meaning of this movie )

 I was talking about my searching for a job in the last post. Between searching and searching, I came up with an idea I am carrying out. (By the way, the picture this post depicts is the cover of my novel)


I would love to see a movie adaptation of my book. To say the truth, I wrote the book thinking about a movie adaptation. What is more, there are multiple references to movies I love and I have watched. The main protagonist watches a good movie every night with her grandmother (you should read my novel, perhaps you love it).


If only I could get some important readings!!! As a result, I thought to send my novel to famous filmmakers. We have some important in Spain (Pedro Almodóvar without going any further, has won two Academy Awards). Some are very international likewise.

I looked for 2 famous filmmakers on Twitter and I offered them my novel. One of them was J. A. Bayona and the second one is Álex de la Iglesia. None of them has answered my tweets but I felt great contacting them.


Another thing I have done is to look for movie producers on Linkedin. There are a lot, but not all of them are rich and powerful or are interested in reading my novel. I got one person interested and I am going to send him my novel. This is positive and it is what I need. I need professional people who have influence and power and are interesting in the novel.


At least I obtained something positive. There is one professional filmmaker who made a movie set in my village and based on a novel. I contacted him and he wants to read the novel.

It would be magical if someone relevant reads and loves my novel, making a movie thereby. I know, I should have a literary agent to do this kind of tasks but I have not I am afraid.

I was filled with emotion contacting professional producers and famous filmmakers. However, I do not know if one day somebody will make a movie inspired by my book!!!

What do you think? There will be someone who wants to read my novel making a film subsequently? What do you think? Do share and comment!!!!