Losing weight for once and for all!!

Following the last post of Halcombe, we are going to keep such relevant knowledge on this new article. Being aware of how our body works will make us having a perfect figure, workout properly and losing weight once and for all.


Exercise is sheer salutary; yet do remember this is not going to make you slim. In fact, some people who start working out gain weight because their bodies suddenly feel at risk, hence they end up eating more than before. The sole activity of working out does not make you to have a perfect figure!!!

For instance, if you run for more than hour, it can make you eat pizza and drink beer. Your mind does tell you that you deserve a reward after such a milestone and you proceed accordingly. Your body is deceiving you, you have lost a lot of calories and your body wants them back.

Well, if we make this culinary choice once a week it does not happen anything. However, many people do this in a constant basis. Thereby, it would have been better if you had stayed at bed reading a book and eating apples than running for one hour if you soon thereafter are eating pizza and drinking beer.

Losing weight is very tricky. The best you can do it is to make exercise very often, this make us to get used to it. Our bodies are very obedient, if you make them to rest, they do want to rest. If you make them to run, one day you could not stop without running. But (as Halcombe did explain deeply in the last post) our bodies have some techniques and food patterns that make losing weight a difficult task.


If our bodies deceive us to have extra food in our bellies; why do not deceive our bodies similarly? Try this at home. We watch plenty of television. What is more, we play with our mobile devices continuously. However, we do this resting comfortable in our beds and sofa. Why do not you try this standing?

Indeed, if you are watching television on your feet, you are tricking your body. If you start a sudden and intense workout your body will make you to eat a lot. Yet, if we stay stand your body, that is designed to regulate your corporal temperature, will start losing calories.

You are losing calories in a slow, but constant basis nonetheless. Therefore, you mind will not make you to eat a lot suddenly, something that always happen if you run for one hour or you attend to a Zumba lesson without going any further.

Throw away for a while some chairs and your sofa. We spend plenty of time at home, it this time is spent standing, you are to lose calories in a smart way. What is more, you are not going to suffer from injuries or pain, something that can occur when we workout.

Hope you can take this into account and you are losing weight. Keep reading this blog and remember all the older posts as we will give you plenty of new tips and advice. Your happiness is my happiness!! Do share, rate, and comment.