The look of Natalie Portman for V for Vendetta and the meaning of this movie

As far as the physical aspect of Natalie Davis is concerned, I took into account the look of Natalie Portman for her amazing adventure V for Vendetta. Have you seen this movie?? Do you remember her look?? Keep reading!!!!


There was a time American actress Natalie Portman only appeared on mesmerizing and gripping movies. After some magnificent, she won an Academy Award (and in fact all the mayor acting prizes available) because of her role in Black Swan. 


One of those incredible flicks was the movie adaptation of a unique comic penned by Alan Moore, V for Vendetta. Alan Moore is no strange to publish unforgettable stories. As a matter of fact, he is responsible for iconic stories such as Watchmen or From Hell. To say the truth, there are 5 movie adaptations based on her comics.


I do not know if one day a wealthy film producer makes a movie based on my fictional story. Yet, it will be thrilling to see it and how the main actress looks like. Natalie Portman stars V for Vendetta with a long curly hair. Subsequently, she suffers so many and risky episodes she sees her hair gone…

Indeed, she shows no hair at all because she has become stronger. I do not want to explain further plot details, but I must say her look suits her in such a way I took it as inspiration. Natalie Davis resembles Natalie Portman, hence her name. Nonetheless, it was only to pay homage to her because we cannot compare this movie to my novel.


I strongly recommend everybody to see V for Vendetta (perhaps you have already watched it). V is a character who has an exquisite taste insofar as he plays the piano or loves reading. The problem is that in the past some people treated him horribly. As a result, he seeks vengeance because, what is more, his face is not visible as he looks like a monster for something people did to him.

Alan Moore got inspiration from the historic episode involving Guy Fawkes who tried to make Britain Catholic again, yet he failed thus he was killed. Likewise, the political days of Margaret Thatcher in power made him to write the story setting it in the future because it looked gloomy in his opinion.

Fanatics of comic stories and Alan Moore alike do hate the movie. However, or in other words, in my opinion, V for Vendetta is great. It is not the best Natalie Portman performance, but because the whole story does not allow her dazzle.

V for Vendetta is a great movie and the underlying message that belies is really interesting. In fact, several organizations have adopted the character of V to change our society and world. It conveys the frightening message that our freedom is not fully real. If you can read the original comic you might find an incredible introduction you should read. Besides, you will discover the look of Natalie Portman and also Natalie Davis.

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