An incredible snowfall at the Pyrenees

The following is an account of an incredible adventure I lived at the Pyrenees recently. In fact, despite we are in April, a huge snowfall was visible. The snowfall was so heavy and mesmerizing I will always remember it. The picture selected can prove it, yet I own plenty of them plus some videos likewise. (Discover my YouTube account and follow me on social media). Keep reading. 


I decided to stop writing the other day. I write daily but it can make you being far from reality, and this is not positive. As a result, I took a big suitcase and packed plenty of stuff to live an adventure. The location was going to be the Spanish Pyrenees, a unique place to say the truth.

Despite we are in the middle of April, the weather informed me the sun was out for a whole week. I prepared myself to live the adventure accordingly, yet I did not expect what was coming. Indeed, an incredible snowfall started, it was so amazing even people from the Pyrenees did not know what to say.


Apart from writing my blog Ser un Tusitala or articles for Escarcha Models, I was also busy because of another thing. This is my new novel. I have been talking about it here in the past, yet now is for real. I had submitted it the Friday before commencing this short trip. However, it was not the first time I did that. Indeed, I have read it and rewritten it a lot of times, yet this was final, it was the last revision.

My new book; El Verano de Natalie Davis (the summer of Natalie Davis in its English translation) is ready. Some professionals are working on the manuscript and designing a nice cover. The cover must depict a young and utterly perfect girl. Her face looks like Natalie Portman in the movie V for Vendetta. 

What is more, it is of the utmost importance to take into account that Sports Illustrated models are some of my muses. Indeed, two of them, Hannah Davis and Ebonee Davis gave my character, Natalie Davis, a surname on which rely in order to embrace immortality.

All in all, the look must be impeccable, yet all she is to experience inside the novel must be exposed too  (you will have to read it so that discovering everything)


Visiting the Pyrenees and being thereby away from the routine could be interesting. The problem was I did intend to run and doing exercise, but it was nearly impossible. An incredible snowfall fell and plans changed consequently.

I was with my friend, Diane, who lives in the Pyrenees and her dog, Senshi, a Husky, This is dog comes from Siberia, Russia, hence she feels alive if snow falls. Diane read the final version of the adventure of my character Natalie Davis. However, the adventure we were going to live was even better.

We walked throughout the mountains with a heavy snowfall falling, little light, nature in all its splendor and her joyful dog running swiftly. The whole experience was both frightening and amazing, thus it made me be alive and to pen this article.

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