How to get a healthy skin..

Dear friends,

Having healthy, beautiful skin is the wish of every woman as through glowing skin a woman can radiate the true beauty she has within. Luckily, having healthy skin is not so hard to achieve if you do the right things!

First of all, to get healthy skin you need to eat the right things.I used to eat a lot of junk food before, and this, of course, reflected greatly on my skin. When I started eating healthier food because I wanted to get in shape I noticed that my skin was becoming clearer and brighter. This is because the vitamins and minerals found in healthy food help repair your skin and keep it healthy.
I found that avocados can help avoid dry, flaky skin and eating one at least every two or three days, especially in the cold seasons, can help keep your skin moisturised. Salmon and walnuts are also great for the skin, as they are very high in omega-3 oils. I like to eat more of these foods in Summer, as one of the properties they contain is that they help shield your skin against harmful UV rays, so I can enjoy the sun while being naturally protected! A food item that I totally love and that I’ve discovered is very good for the skin is dark chocolate. Yes, eating chocolate has lots of benefits! Among these benefits there is the fact that dark chocolate helps to keep the skin hydrated, thus avoiding dryness. Try to eat chocolate that contains at least 70% cocoa as it is healthier and more beneficial than chocolate containing a lower percentage.


Apart from eating the right food, taking certain supplements can also help improve the appearance of your skin and make it healthier. I take vitamin C supplements as they not only improve your overall health but they also keep your skin fresher and younger. Vitamin C actually helps protect your skin against wrinkles, maintaining its elasticity. Getting the right amount of vitamin C every day helps to keep your skin tight and bright, and taking supplements could be a great help. A mineral which is greatly beneficial for the skin and which can also be found in supplements is selenium. Selenium helps skin repair and is ideal especially for those who have skin problems as it helps skin recover and aids cell creation. While it is easy to find selenium supplements, this important mineral can also be consumed through whole wheat products, which contain high levels of selenium.


Some other tips for having healthy skin are: Spend some time in the sun. Obviously, getting sunburnt is bad for you, but moderate sun exposure gives your skin the vitamin D it needs, keeping it radiant and healthy. Wash your face regularly. I had a habit of never using cleansers and going to sleep without removing my make-up. After some time this started to reflect on my skin and now I make an effort to always go to bed with clean skin. I have also found a brand of facial products which I really like and I stick with it – I recommend trying different brands and finding out which brand suits you best. Don’t use too much make-up. Make-up clogs the pores and doesn’t let the skin breathe. I have decided to only put make-up on for special occasions and leave my skin free to breathe on all the other days. Plus, keep in mind that the less make-up you use the more you will be taking care of your face, the better your skin will look and the less make-up you’ll need!

Following these tips will help you get beautiful skin and will help you keep your skin healthy. Also remember to drink lots of water! I drink at least nine glasses every day as apart from being totally beneficial for your body it also helps flush out toxins from your skin, keeping it radiant, hydrated and young!

From Anna with Love.