Hot Trends in Boho Fashion

Hot Trends in Boho Fashion

Boho is a fashion style that’s once again becoming the rage. Also fondly referred to as “haute hippie,” the bohemian look has made its comeback partially in thanks to fashion icons like Nicole Richie, who is the epitome of the Boho look.

Boho is a design style drawing on several bohemian and hippie inspirations, which, when at the height of its popularity in 2005, was brought into vogue by actresses Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. A relaxed, layered look complimented by ethnic accents, like beading or fringe, dressing in the bohemian style doesn’t require adhering to any set fashion guidelines, which is the beauty of the reemerging trend.

Just remember, there are no set rules. The key is not to be afraid of putting your own personal style on your bohemian outfits. Here are some hot tips for creating your own eye catching bohemian look:

Harem pants for women are a high cut, gathered-at-the-waist, slouchy cut design with cropped legs that are not only extremely comfortable and eye-catching, but are also incredibly flattering to a woman’s figure. Even reality star Kim Kardashian was seen recently wearing a pair of harem pants to a political event.

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Floral patterns are always a fashion classic, being both elegant and feminine. Add a floral pattern to bohemian style pants, dress or top and you’ll get a long and flowing, relaxing look that is light, outrageously sex and totally care-free. Select a billowy sleeved top with a floral printed chiffon material for a look with a little extra hippie style. Tunic style tops with a long and loose fitting dress will spell out bohemian beauty in capital letters.

Fun and youthful with partly rugged Western style mixed with a jet-setting Bohemian look, nothing says you are a sexy hippie like a little bit of fringe. A pocketbook, tote or slouchy bag with long and cascading fringe will complete any Boho outfit. Model Alessandra Ambrosio shows she loves this look by often adding fringe accessories to her outfits.

Whether it is made from silk, delicate crocheted lace or even cotton, a long cardigan is a versatile Boho essential. For proof of the timeless features of crochet you only need to look at Kim Kardashian little sister, model Kendall Jenner. Jenner has been frequently photographed wearing stunning bohemian ensembles, including the ever-famous black crochet maxi cardigan.

Finally, sandals complete any bohemian look. With so many styles of sandals to choose from you can have a variety of Boho footwear to suit your every mood.