Could Halcombe become a supermodel???

I have just dared to watch my first ever TV interview. I have somehow lost the fear of seeing me on it. Now I have a question. What is the difference between being and not being a supermodel? Is easy to discover it? More importantly, could Halcombe become a supermodel?


The picture you see on this post it is one of the few they took seconds before starting this interview. The pictures are good because were taken by a photographer.

Furthermore, were taken with a professional camera, not with a simple mobile device. Seeing me after adding a filter made me wonder; Could Halcombe become a supermodel? Why not?

My height is 180 cms, something like 5 Feet 11 if I am no wrong. I follow the tips I have published here, as a consequence, I am not fat. Besides, I normally go running in the countryside. Is this enough?


Let´s talk more seriously now. Not only beauty is important to become a supermodel. There is a wide array of skills one must possess.

Look at any supermodel, not all of them are gorgeous. In fact, or in my opinion, I have seen beautiful women in the street with better looks than renowned models.

To my knowledge, three of the biggest names in fashion industry are not so pretty. Whether you agree or not, in my opinion Bella Hadid and Cara Delevingne are not very beautiful.

Kendall Jenner is prettier than Cara and Bella in my opinion. Yet, is she so beautiful? Being famous because of reality television programme keeping up with the Kardashians helps? Would Kendall Jenner be so famous if she were not related to television stars The Kardashians?

However, brands fight to hire them. Indeed, all the projects on which they work are successful. Why does this occur?


The other day one of the most important fashion brands in the world, Italian Dolce and Gabanna, created controversy. They included on its fashion shows people with no experience at all.

There were not supermodels on the catwalk. What you could see on a recent show in Milan was young Internet stars with millions of followers on social media plus sons and daughters of celebrities. Is this the new trend?


The matter of the thing is these new supermodels are extremely charismatic and they know how current times work viagra generique en pharmacie. These new fashion personalities have a huge fan base on social media, which feed updates every day. They are very famous and have created a brand. Beauty and a perfect body are no longer essential.

In fact, many people who create controversy are very popular and famous. As they have plenty of people following them, they succeed. If you dislike social media and being popular is abhorrent to you, the race for your fashion aspirations is over.

These new times are so wholly new that a famous person is the new president of United States. Donald Trump does not even have previous political experience.

To sum up, could Halcombe become a supermodel one day? He is not famous as yet. In consequence, perhaps you should bet on his skills… Do share and comment.

(Have you watched my interview on Youtube? It is very hard to see yourself, and listening to your own voice even more)