Gold as a very good investment

Do you know that gold is a good investment? Do you know Halcombe has been on the verge of working in the field of gold? Keep reading!!!


Everything started with a message on Linkedin. I received one message that told me my profile was interesting and I had been selected to work for a startup company. The following day I did a job interview in a fancy hotel. In the hall of a fancy hotel to be exact.

A dressed up guy waited for me. He did want to impress me talking of thousands of euros and an incredible job opportunity. He promised me to be earning a lot of money very soon. I was not impressed though. Last year, I had the same interview at the same place with another person. However, I did not attend the next meeting that it was going to take place the following day. On the contrary, I did attend this time.

I did not want to attend this time too. Nevertheless, my mother convinced me into going even though I had to travel to another city. The meeting was going to happen in a hotel, not as fancy as the previous one to say the truth.


The funny thing about the meeting was that the person in charge of presenting is a friend of mine. A girl whom I had not seen for ages. She was nervous at first, but little by little she got relaxed and rendered a great performance. This lasted for two hours. Two hours in which we were explained the wonderful idea that investment in gold epitomizes.

The enterprise is German and very relevant appeared. Yet, why we were there? After two hours of presentations and speeches about gold, we did have a short break. Subsequently, the person who made me the job interview started talking about an amazing job opportunity. He asked, for instance, the qualities of a good job and promised us to have the best job of our dreams.

It seemed they were going to obtain a commission for every and each person who agreed on signing for the company. After filling a paper with our names and opinion we could decide whether to stay to know more or to leave.

The thing is they were prepared so that making us to stay. They were very good at their job to say the truth. Hence, all of us stayed. They even filled electronically datum from us to start working.

Thank god I do not use my email account on the mobile phone otherwise I would be now working in the area of gold investment!! After reading everything carefully I decided at my home not to proceed with this job opportunity that was only to be a gold seller. What is more, we do not even pay a single contribution to Social Security. At least, I saluted my friend on the Internet and told her she made a fine exposition!!!

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