Gianni Versace, the unsolved death of a fashion legend

Versace is one of the most important fashion brands in the world. Similarly, the death of its founder, Gianni Versace, is still an unsolved crime. This is one of the most fascinating and intriguing cases ever because the crime does not have a solution as yet. This article will help you to understand what happened. 


Gianni Versace died just 20 years ago this summer. Gianni Versace was killed at the door of his house in Miami and he was 50 years of age. Versace had come back from having breakfast when a man of 27 years of age shot him. Versace died instantly. The murderer committed suicide 8 days later as the police had surrounded him. American police still have to explain this murder.

The sister of Gianni, Donatella Versace, became the business owner and still rules the brand. Her daughter, Allegra, is the legal person who will inherit the millionaire empire of Versace. Everything else is still a mystery. These are the theories.


At first, the police thought this was a simple theft case because Versace had more than 1200 dollars in cash. However, once the name of Andrew Cunanan, the murderer, appeared, everything changed.


Andrew Cunanan was a serial killer. Firstly, he had killed a former Navy official and former sexual client. Four days later, Cunanan went to Chicago and killed a real estate promoter. Subsequently, Cunanan killed another person before stealing a van to drive to Miami ending his killings with Gianni Versace. As a result, FBI believed this serial killer wanted a famous name to include on his perverse list.


As a killed dove was found near the corpse of Gianni Versace, this made the police believed a mafia connection. As a matter of fact, one book published in the year 2010 told the story of a former mafia boss from Calabria.

Gianni Versace was from this Italian region and a person from the Calabrese mafia assured in this book that Versace owed money to the godfather of Calabria mafia, hence his assassination. However, the family of Gianni Versace swears Gianni never owed money to anyone. They also announced they were going to sue the people who published this story.


Andrew Cunanan, the murderer, was a former gay sex worker. He got on well with older and rich men from whom he obtained a lot of money. After leaving such life he got AIDS and got fat. As a result, perhaps he wanted to take revenge from all men who could have infected him. However, no one is sure if there was a sexual relationship between Cunanan and Versace or not.


Officials know for sure Cunanan and Versace met each other before the killing. They met in a gay club in San Francisco. Besides, in an opera play in the same city on another occasion. Some even say Cunanan went to Italy and met Versace there. American police know for sure that Versace and his boyfriend had hired gay sex workers in the past. Nevertheless, the boyfriend of Versace does not remember having hired Cunanan. Still, a friend of Cunanan said that the murderer was obsessed with the people all around Versace and his brand because he was jealous of him.

Lastly, a Brazilian girl told the police she saw Cunanan and Versace dancing at a party in Miami two days before the death of Gianni.

Which theory do you believe the most? Officials are still working on this case. Do share and comment.