Getting rid of wrinkles and having breakfast like a supermodel

One of the worst things a supermodel can have is wrinkles. We are humans and all of us get old. However, we could prevent ourselves from having wrinkles and also we can have breakfast like a supermodel. The only thing you have to do is read this post. 


White tea with lemon

This selective variety of tea, considered a fountain of youth and eternal existence, protects your collagen. As a result, we will age with a firmer skin.

It is a good idea to mix white tea with lemon or lime juice. Thanks to its amount of vitamin C, citrus stimulate the formation of reaffirming fibres that prevent us from having wrinkles. As years pass by, our natural fibres get weaker and weaker.

A natural botox, rose hip and hibiscus

Hibiscus petals are a great ally for natural beauty. Apart from fighting against the excess of volume, this provides the skin with youth, thanks to its capacity to reaffirm our skin.

If you mix this with fruits, rose hip gives you a great dose of vitamin C. This revitalizes the skin and stops the creation of wrinkles. One spoon is enough when mixing this with hot water.

Orange blossom

The biggest enemies our look have are; stress and lack of sleep. Put orange blossom flowers in an infusion (use 4 o 5 doses of orange blossom) because it helps to sleep. Therefore, you reduce stress. The oil that this has is a beauty elixir. Apart from having this as a hot drink, you can add this beverage to your creams too.

Bamboo Capsules

If bamboo is good for something, is because of the quantity of silicon it has. In fact, it allows both collagen and our skin to be stronger. If you take bamboo pills capsules, not only you delay the aging of our articulations but also stop the aging of our skin.  Our skin will be softer and lighter.

Having breakfast like a supermodel

I am really happy sharing this as I have discovered some of the breakfast recipes of one of my favorite models, Ariadne Artiles (you can read an older post of Halcombe about the best 30 supermodels working in the fashion industry today).

These breakfast recipes are tasty and very interesting. Try this at home.

1.Breakfast one: mix blueberries, raspberries, banana, maca root and coconut milk with the blender

2.Breakfast two: Mix celery, lemon, kale, collard greens, cucumber and apples with the blender.

3.Breakfast three: Mix 10 strawberries with one banana, one pomegranate, and one goat yogurt

4.Breakfast four: Mix pineapple, carrot, apple, lime and beet with the blender.

Try these breakfasts at home and do tell your experience on the blog of Halcombe for Escarcha Models. Do share and comment.