Fuseau plus the blog of Halcombe hacked

First of all, we are to talk of a special piece of clothing; fuseau. Secondly, we will talk about the blog of Halcombe being hacked. 


We are seeing the revival of a special piece of clothing, fuseau. This is nothing new, although it was ages since it was relevant. It is a kind of leggings.

Indeed, fuseau appeared for the first time in the year 1964 just when the space race began. One of the best filmmakers in the history of cinema, Stanley Kubrick, filmed his masterpiece A Space Odyssey little later.


Women started to be more and more prominent. For instance, celebrities like Jane Fonda made famous aerobic videos so that make women fit easily.

Therefore, fuseau was the best option for these women to wear on while doing exercise. Not long ago, a sexy video clip; Call on me, was reminiscent of these days and these fitness experts. Women wore widely fuseau.


Not only women wanted to be fit, they also worked alongside men in important jobs. They had business careers of their own for the first time. A movie starred by Melanie Griffith, Working Girl, was one of the many that were going to have a strong working woman as main protagonist.

Yet, for us the important is to discover that a woman sometimes needed to feel comfortable to work and live, a fuseau was a must!!!


Nobody heard of fuseau for a while until the end of 2016. It had disappeared. However, two renowned fashion brands such as Balenciaga and Versace have resuscitated this piece of clothing again. It is chic, comfortable and fashionable. Do you have your fuseau as yet??


This is the last post of February in the blog of Halcombe. Very special posts have been published in this cold month. For instance, you can read a post depicting the best 30 models working in the fashion industry (the number one is Joan Smalls according to Halcombe). One post about a true, personal experience Halcombe experienced not long ago.

Likewise, you can read about a very important fashion event; Sports Illustrated and the release of its iconic swimsuit edition that took place recently (the best rookie model selected is Bianca Balti, something I did not know when I first published the story).

Yet, perhaps you could not read anything or you read a strange post. My apologies if this happened to you. Some foreign hackers broke into the blog of Halcombe. My stories were deleted and changed with strong messages of their own instead.

I do not know why somebody wants to make this kind of things when we are only writing interesting stories for the reader. It was very annoying. In fact, I had to publish my stories again and again for some time. Luckily, I informed Escarcha Models and it has not happened again.

Hope it was the last time and sorry for the inconvenience if you were reading something that was not fashion.

Do share, and comment!! Did you know the piece of clothing fuseau???