Food that will make you live longer

The food included in this post does make you live longer. Having them in your daily diet it is more than interesting and positive hence. Study this kind of food as it can help you a lot. 


Even though I published on this blog a detox diet, eat nothing at all is not the answer. In fact, the solution for your problems is not stopping eating. Conversely, you have to eat but eat better. What is more, such detox diet I wrote about must only be used once per year. (Check out the post of Halcombe “Recipe to look perfect)

The other day I saw a monkey that was so fat it could not walk. Therefore it was punished in the Chinese zoo where it is living. Tourists gave the animal different drinks, all of them soda. When it came to food, tourists gave the animal pizza, burger, and ice-cream, the monkey is now sick and obese.

You have read on these blog different tricks and food patterns which can make your modelling dreams come true. Today, there is not a specific diet, only 10 kinds of food that will make you live longer.

Include the following kind of food on your diet whichever diet you are following, whichever preferences you have. Include them because the results are astounding. Do not follow the example of this Chinese monkey!!!



70 percent of the food you consume daily can be entirely healthy. What this means is you can indulge yourself in pleasant food. Chocolate is the best option because it is also a rejuvenating kind of food.


Oat is the best option for breakfast. Whether it is mixed with milk or you eat it alone, try to include oat in your diet.


The best fruit you can choose. Eat blueberries at any moment.


Eating avocado is a must!! Avocado helps your heart a lot. It gets stronger thanks to avocado. Likewise, it is full of antioxidants and different fibers. Eating one avocado per day eliminates bad cholesterol from your body. You can have avocado in your salad or simply with some bread.


Some of the antioxidants walnuts possess can only be found on this kind of food. Include walnuts in your salad. Mix with yogurt as well although the best time of the day to eat walnuts is in the morning, in your breakfast


Vampires hate this and your breath does too. However, having garlic on your diet daily it is a good idea and it makes you live longer.


Broccoli is a good option to cook alongside meat.


The secret food of Popeye cartoon character was spinach. Spinach can be eaten in a wide range of ways and makes you live longer too.


You already know Halcombe drinks tea in the morning to write better. Any kind of tea is good, the best as you know because of this blog is the white tea. Green tea is very good and red too.


I recommended you once to eat tomato with raw pepper daily to have enough vitamin A. What is more, tomato also makes you live longer.

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