Food you should not eat

Nutritionists have warned us; if we keep up eating some kind of food, we put our health at risk. There is some food that you should not eat anymore, let alone when you are yearning for a modeling career. 



One of the most popular kinds of drinks is similarly one of the worst things we can have for our bodies. Look there are hundreds and hundreds of different kinds of sodas, all of them are delicious, all very popular and all of them are bad for us. Sodas have too much sugar. What is more, soda makes us to get fat easily.


It is very typical to eat a spring roll in an Asian restaurant. However, why do Asian people only eat spring rolls some specific days in reality? I am not sure, yet what I do really know is this food is very unhealthy.

In fact, the oil in which these spring rolls are cooked, it is not good for our health. Hence you should not eat a lot of these spring rolls.


Very popular and very unhealthy likewise, crisps have far too much salt. These snacks are very recurrent but all of them are not good for us, and the salt it is only one of the many toxic nutrients it contains.


Children love these cheese sausages and it helps families to solve the regular problem of “What could I cook for my children tonight?” Well, think twice next time you are considering it. Cheese sausages are so artificial produced your children would be better starving in bed!!!!


Another popular product, and another wrong food to eat. It has so many harmful fats; no one should eat these bakery pieces again. It does not matter all of them taste delicious notwithstanding (I love them to be honest).


It is very difficult to no enter into a fast food restaurant and buying some processed meat. In fact, they are everywhere and full of people queuing. Yes, it is difficult but also it is difficult to eat fast food again once you really know the truth.

Without going any further, eating processed meat makes the risk of having cancer to double every time we eat this kind of meat.


If soda it is not good for us, if long drinks that mix soda with alcohol are even worse for our bodies, bet how horrible mixing alcohol with energy drinks is.

These energy drinks alone contain too much caffeine and sugar, when adding it to alcohol the bad effects of alcohol are greater. This combination has horrendous consequences for our pancreas or liver.

To become a supermodel it is not easy. However, it will be even more difficult if you have bad habits. These foods are not a good choice when you select them very often.

The food list contained on this post has only been produced and invented to earn loads of money. If we are clever, we will have a better health and figure forgetting these arrant artificial inventions. Do share and comment.