Food habits that will make you look more beautiful

The aim of this post is to help the reader. We are to talk about little beauty secrets which will have a huge impact on you. These are small food tips; easy steps to follow that will make you to enjoy a deserved model life.

On this blog we have published numerous posts to improve your lifestyle. You can read how a secret diet will make you to reach a perfect body. Tips to sleep properly or how reducing sugar allows you to be happier.

The following are recommendations, tricks that can be very useful to have a perfect figure. What is more, all of them are really simple to follow. Once attained, this general knowledge might bring you some of your coveted fashion dreams.


Vitamin A is known as the beauty vitamin. You can find it on many kinds of food. Try this recipe every morning to have your fully dose of vitamin A, beauty vitamin. Mix some apples with some carrots and ginger. Eat it daily to have the relevant vitamin A dose we all need. Have it on your breakfast every morning for instance.

First thing you must do after waking up is to drink a glass of water. You do not need to have a sudden breakfast because you have been sleeping. You can walk with your dog or even work out a little bit prior to have breakfast. Remember you must drink two liters of water daily although it can be drunk through different beverages not only water.

Tea is one of the best options. Green tea is full of antioxidants. Yet, the best one is white tea which is also the rarer. In fact, white tea is a secret beauty. Drink it often as it contains so many positive ingredients your body will only be grateful.


Collagen is responsible to have our face, flesh, bones and body perfectly joined. This is what makes us look fresh and young. Notwithstanding, the older we grow the weaker it gets. Indeed, this is why our wrinkles are visible or in other words this is why our face ages.

Many supermodels drink collagen to stay young. However, you can find it on food easily. The best option can be this tasty recipe. Prepare a salad made of tomatoes and red pepper. The pepper is better if you have it raw. Have this salad on your lunch everyday to have the daily dose of collagen your body should be possessed of.


Depending on the hour of the day our body and mind are to work better. As a consequence, try to work out in the mornings. Try to avoid dinner if you can or have a light one. If you love to have a good diner, give your body 2 hours to recover before going to sleep. Likewise, your mind works better at night, just the opposite your body does love. Therefore, the best time to meditate, study or read is at night.

These easy food patterns to follow can result in an improvement of your look. Be constant. Little by little, you are obtaining all you are yearning for; a professional modelling career. Food is the fuel of our body, therefore, do insert food of good quality to make it work efficiently. Do share and comment.